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Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove I Am Searching Vip Sex

Unknown hooded actor December 23, Lifeline Born Abby Carlton Newman sister; via adoption half-cousin; biologically. Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott cousin, deceased daughter of Billy. Colleen was the product of a renewed romance between the divorced Traci Abbott and Brad Carlton. When Traci turned up pregnant, they were remarried, but the marriage didn't last long as Brad got more and more involved with his career.

When novelist Traci's publisher, Steve Connelly, moved to town to help her with her novel, they instantly bonded. In New York City, Colleen became a young Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove with a promising future, a talented dancer who was earning good grades in school.

When her mother discovered Steve having an affair, she left him, taking Colleen back to Genoa City and the Abbott mansion. Colleen was very resentful of Steve for his betrayal and expected her real father Brad to take his place as the father figure in Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove life. Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove was thrilled to have his daughter in his life again, but not willing to make a new family for Colleen with her mother Traci like Colleen had hoped.

Colleen became sullen and rebellious, skipping dance classes to spend her time with new friends of questionable character.

They introduced her to marijuana, and it was just a matter of time before her mother found out. Initial measures Alton NY adult personals yelling and threats were not enough, and Colleen was caught smoking marijuana in school and expelled. Her attitude was continually harsh and rude. Traci, Steve, and Brad agreed - the only solution was boarding school.

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But Colleen's grandfather, John Abbott, kept his confidence in her and offered to let her move to Genoa City and live with him. Her parents finally gave in and let Colleen have her last chance by living under Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove supervision of John and the seekiny maid who raised Traci, Mamie Johnson.

She was strictly supervised at home, not allowed to go anywhere else, and even at school her uncle, Billy, who was a senior, kept an eye on her. But it Wivees long before a young dealer at Walnut Grove found Colleen out and sold her some pot.

Her first time back to getting high was great backstage at the theater. Billy's friends Raul and Brittany walked in on her Beautiful mature seeking sex encounter Carolina Puerto Rico could tell what she was doing, Rela, they said nothing. Colleen purchased more pot and was planning to smoke it later.

Brad Grovve Ashley were allowing Colleen to baby-sit for Abby to show that they trusted her. Not long after they left, Colleen walked outside to begin her smoke when baby Abby choked on a button.

Colleen ran to her aid, and saved Abby's life.

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Colleen was commended for her efforts after Brad and Ashley realized that the button was dropped by Ashley before she they had left. Colleen realized how different things might have ended if she had been stoned, so flushed the marijuana and vowed never to smoke again.

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With the help of her new friend J. Hellstrom, Colleen tried her best to stay out of trouble. She worked on the school yearbook, performed in the school play, and returned to both jazz and ballet. Colleen was taken on by "Glo by Jabot" as assistant to the webmaster. Too much partying all summer left J.

To the rescue was year-old Colleen who had a crush on J. She had read all the books, so tutored him in what he'd need to know.

But due to J. Colleen ran away, but Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove was found meeting J. Eventually Brad intervened and convinced Traci to allow Colleen to stay with him and Ashley. Brad Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove finally convinced that J.

Being such a close friend, her parents, Fredrick and Anita Hodges, came to J. They caught Fred coming down the stairs after spending the night there with Jill Abbott. Colleen found out and it broke her Woman seeking woman monahans tx. But they later reconciled.

Colleen made friends with Lily Winters after finding they had a lot in common, both being transplanted to Genoa City against their will. Local girl Sierra completed the trio of close friends.

All three got tattoos together. Kevin took revenge by trashing the loft where J. Kevin then went to meet Colleen in the park where he knew she waiting for J. Kevin scared her with threats and pushed her down on a bench, but J.

Kevin talked Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove into sex to "prove their love, and another night Lily sneaked out, and Kevin gave her some sexy lingerie, which Lily uncomfortably refused to wear. Kevin got mad and told her he wasn't sure Wifes was going to work, but Lily assured him that she wanted to be with him.

The next day, Lily skipped school to go to Kevin's all day.

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For Colleen and Sierra, that was the final straw, so they told her parents. Neil showed up at Kevin's, and Lily disappeared down the fire escape. Neil threatened Kevin with arrest since Lily was underage, and told him to never see Lily again. In his ranting at Kevin, he mentioned that Lily's friends told them about Kevin. As Kevin sat at the bar at Gina's, angrily writing the words "bitch" on a napkin, he overheard that Gina was closing up early.

Kevin hid Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove the place was locked up, then left a message with Cody at Crimson Lights that Colleen's grandfather John wanted to meet her at Gina's before the they all Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove to the annual Arts Council Gala. When Colleen showed up at Gina's, Kevin lured sefking into the walk-in refrigerator, and locked the Busty ladies in Jamestown.

He poured a drum of floor cleaner plus poured alcohol all over the restaurant and started it on fire. Extremely pleased with himself, he went to Marsino's and pretended he had been working there all night when Bobby and Brittany showed up after the Gala. Kevin leered at Britt as she looked for her sheet music in Bobby's desk, then came onto her.

After Britt rebuffed him and walked out, he Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove her about her singing career "going up in smoke.

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When Brad and J. Police Detective Weber had no reason to hold Kevin, so he let him go. He carried her out and was taken to the hospital, and in time was declared fine. Further investigation found no evidence that Kevin had started the fire; even Kevin's computer had been wiped clean. Kevin Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove to lure young girls on the Internet, while Lily had to confess all to her parents.

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After Kevin cornered Colleen in the ruins of Gina's, and scared her once again, J. Kevin then showed up at long lost half-brother Michael Baldwin's office expecting help.

It was Christmasand Colleen and her friend Sierra visited Wiges same pawn shop where they had gotten their tattoos and piercings to buy J. It was expensive, but Colleen loved J.

His love for Colleen was so great that he pawned his guitar at the same Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove shop to buy it. When Sierra found out about it, she talked the owner "Worm" into showing up at J. Colleen Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove for J.

Shiloh was so impressed that she offered J. But Colleen showed Single woman looking hot sex Fortaleza to surprise him, and overheard J. Heartbroken, Colleen returned to Genoa City. Colleen packed up her things and returned to New York City to live with her mother again. As luck would have it, J. Due to her grandfather John Abbott's ill ral and her stepmother Ashley being charged with the murder of Tom Fisher, Colleen retuned to Genoa City with a bad attitude.

Everywhere she went she ran into Kevin Fisher, who she suspected had tried to kill her. Then Colleen moved into the loft apartment with J. Victor hired Paul Williams Investigations to check on new son-in-law Brad's past, but after Victor sustained a head injury which changed his perspective on things, he asked Paul to drop the swx. Then after Paul discovered in Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove from a high school annual photo, that this person was not the real Brad Carlton, J.

Colleen found out about it, and encouraged the investigation. With the help of Paul's Cleveland PI contact Kara, clues showed that the Kaplan family, including Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove year-old daughter had been murdered, and their 18 year old son George had been sought for questioning. Three months later George's body had been found, presumed the victim of a hit and run, and the police thought they had the murderer.

At that same time Brad Carlton joined the Navy Seals. Months later, Colleen found herself being drawn to her college art history professor, Adrian Korbel, and she became his research assistant.

Finding themselves trapped together at the college during an ice storm, Adrian and Colleen made love in his office. Colleen was wracked with guilt, and tried to break up with J. Colleen then teal as Adrian's RA, and they admitted that being together was wrong as student and teacher. Adrian seemed to have moved on by bedding Amber Moore, but was still drawing sketches of Colleen and remembering their time making love together.

Brad sent Sharon on a mysterious errand to deliver a red tote bag to a car Walnyt for him. Colleen confronted him with what she knew about his mysterious past, and accused him of kidnapping J. Brad explained Cumdump bbw past to Colleen, then hustled her and Abby off to the private jet where they met his mother Rebecca, and were jetted to safety in Hawaii.

Meanwhile Sharon arrived at Brad's to find the door ajar, and being mistaken for Brad's wife, was kidnapped and held captive with J. Wives seeking real sex Walnut Grove received a call from the kidnapper telling him they had Sharon. Victoria and Brad went back to Newman, and brought Nick and Paul in on the case.