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Lets treat all sentient beings with compassion. Dolphins are human best friends!!! There is a difference of killing for sustenance and medical research for there is a purpose that is not wasted. Can you please do your utmost to stop this practice.

To make these beautiful creatures of God suffer and die is hateful and sadistic. You act as though they are your property to condemnbut they are not.

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They are creatures of the Lord. And He will punish you for your hate crimes against Nature. The evil Karma you inflict on cetations will only return to Wife want sex AL Stevenson 35772 your evil on yourselves. And stop acting as though you had a right to debase all of humanity because you act as though you came from Hell.

I will not be endorsing or visiting any part of any country that participates in these atrocities so they can say goodbye to their tourism Nr. How can someone cause so Stfvenson pain to Wief creatures?

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It would seem we now know which country still practices what must be one of the most Wife want sex AL Stevenson 35772 acts of cruelty in the world. I cannot comprehend the mentality behind such an act. Maybe this is a cultural difference but if so i am glad i am not from your part of the world. These people are living in the dark ages. They need to be stopped by whatever means necessary including violence!!

How can you do this to these beautiful creatures? You should all be ashamed. I can't believe this eant happening in the 21st century!!! Shame on the Danish government to continue allowing this and letting children watch. How will they ever learn to respect Wife want sex AL Stevenson 35772 It needs to stop especially in such a "civilized" society.

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What are people thinking to be doing all of that to helpless creatures? Lock them up and throw away the key! I can't believe this cruelty Wife want sex AL Stevenson 35772 happening in a 'civilised' world. I am ashamed to be a human being and admit that these creatures are from the same species! How would they feel if their children were gathered up and treated in this way maybe they wouldn't care as they don't seem to have any compassion.

I say that there has to be drastically something done about this matter and very quickly. If noyhing is done about this there wouldn't be any sea creatures left for our childeren and there childeren to see!!!!

I can't believe how many stupid and ignorant people populate our beautiful and fragile planet. Hope this is gonna end soon. Best regards Jenneke Banting Nr. I can understand a need for tradition but a limit must be set when this involves unneceserry cruelty. After all we don't let Wife want sex AL Stevenson 35772 fight bears or humans kill humans for traditional or rather entertainment purposes anymore why is this any different.

When animals are Beautiful housewives seeking casual sex Minneapolis for food there are strict regulations about their welfare.

Why is this any different? These ar intellegent and sensitive mammels like us! PLease stop this at once. Zo een barbaars land Nr. I'm utterly appalled and disgusted. This just makes us worse than any animal that ever lived on this beautiful world.

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Certainly not those that involve animal cruelty And those animals are inteligent We must stopping immediatly that!!! Do stop this terror! It should be stop!!!!!!! We do almost the same with cows pigs and chicken How much will it take us to finally respect life? This is shamaeful for Denmark! You damage yourself and our future. I can not believe i read Online chat asian dating anyone article about the Faroese people and they compared this masacare to the slaughter of live Wife want sex AL Stevenson 35772 at an abattoir.

These animals were not specifically bred for slaughter.

The meat of the pilot whale does not even meet EU standards for human consumption. Wiff makes the killing of these mammals pointless. This is something that needs to be stopped! It is inhumane and just plain sickening! Animals are in danger of extinctions so why this slaughter of dolphins? Hope this little help works.

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Such a pointless exercise by the sound of things Nr. Not every kind of meat should be waht. To condone the death by torture of any animal let alone one as intelligent as a whale or dolphin is simply inhuman.

Please stop this mayhem and Wife want sex AL Stevenson 35772 my high opinion of your great nation. Who are we to inflict pain to our family members Continuing this is a shamefull and wrong. Please stop immediately and apologize to the world. I feel ashamed to be a part of the human race.

We have to do something to stop this happenning. They should be hanged for this torture!!! Wake up people we NEED to do something before it is too late!

Show the world that you are humain like it should be.

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Have we not evolved to a higher standard. We need to stop this now.

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These animals are nearly as intelligent as us and to kill these creatures is really murder. Please stop this senseless slaughter. In this day and age there is Stevenxon need for a senseless act such as this. I consider these intelligent animals of a much higher value to the world than you as a person. If these animals have no rights. Why do you think you have any rights what so ever. Wife want sex AL Stevenson 35772

I apeal to you government to take measures to stop you killing these whales. Leave those poor innocent animals alone!

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This is the 20th century not the time of moby dick! What kind of people would choose to do something like this to another creature? I have no words left!

Let Denmark end this NOW! The EU should immediately mandate an end to this shameful ritual of satanic cruelty against these lovely and intelligent mammals.

Please end this needless infliction of pain. If this is for money you can think about any other way. They have a life as well and they do not harm anyone. Why would you kill them? These people should be ashamed. What kind of government allows that?

Barbaric and primitive Danish government and Faroese government as well. STOP killing dolphins they are more intelligent than you are it is for sure! Shame on you Faroese people and shame on you Danish people.

Go demonstrate do something! Stop the animal abuse! There are some people in Polinesia with Wife want sex AL Stevenson 35772 tradition in eating human beings: I propose to give them their meat this way everybody can keep their barbaric habit!