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It might be hard to believe but, last year, the website SexyMP.

Indeed, there were actuallyattempts Where are the sexy Paterson women access the banned site from inside Westminster. Thanks to the Freedom of Information act, we know that political internet browsing habits are pretty pedestrian — they like shopping, gambling and, yes, porn. Objectification is universally considered to be A Bad Thing, and objectifying people in your workplace is at best a serious HR issue.

A couple of years ago, researchers at Facebook found that the profile that users spent the most time on was their own. While the Atlantic recently published a report looking into the way that narcissists use the internet.

So I have a sneaking suspicion that the site is being used for the gratification of vanity, not House of Commons lust. Owen Paterson is womsn sexist MP Rex.

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As a sexu and fully paid up member of the PC brigade, this site would normally be the sort of thing I hate. After all, it must be tough to deal with all the organisation and administration required to submit an accurate expense claim form.

Politicians have much more power than the rest of us.

But I struggle to devote much time to worrying about it. Politicians are desperate to seem womem and relatable, and fight their public image — that of weird robots with unfortunate haircuts.

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Aee Sexy Politicians site does not make them any sexier, but it definitely demonstrates they are just like us — shallow narcissists who fancy and like Where are the sexy Paterson women be fancied, and will always swipe right on a picture of any blonde human being in a swimsuit. The people of Westminster could make this a real PR win, and turn this into a discussion about men, women, sex and respect on the internet.

Especially considering all the porn MPs are looking at - seriously who does that on their work PC? If nothing else, this might mean that parliamentary affairs dry-up.

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Thursday 21 February However, true objectification is the commodification of the powerful by the powerless.

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