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The S is Sex hot girls Escanaba purfled, with ebony fingerboard and tailpiece and ebony horseshoe on the Srx of the neck. Schools bought the majority of the upright instruments intending to provide the beginning student with an affordable, playable instrument. In early years the quarter bass was called the H About the H was renamed the M There is also another S which was manufactured for the Selmer Instrument Co.

The basses were manufactured in The basses Srx have beautifully engraved tuners.

The basses registered are thin body basses. The TV model basses were produced in for the television industry.

The reason for the special bass had to do with the reflection. The bright lights of the TV industry demanded a special paint. For the TV Esccanaba the primer was a gray primer and then a flat paint usually gold colored. The TV basses were basically M-1 basses with a special paint job. Curly maple tops have been reported while refinishing as well as Swingers Personals in Chickasha with a larger reflecting surfaces. Sex hot girls Escanaba

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The paint on the TV-1 and TV may be different and so far the pictures received do not show any purfling on either model. Only a few B-5 basses were manufactured, possibly 50 - A full sized cello with bass tuners and strung up as a bass. This bass instrument was advertised for beginning bass playing students. Sex hot girls Escanaba in the field have called this a "Baby Bass. The first Jazz Cello Escanxba manufactured for Ray Brown.

It was used Sex hot girls Escanaba his CD and named a model Wives wants nsa Boise The tuners were slightly different than the standard Klusons having plastic knobs for the tuners.

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According to one of the employees who has worked for Kay, Kay tried producing some plastic or fiberglass Sex hot girls Escanaba basses. The one bass found like this had a standard maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and Kay inscribed on the back of the peghead and a rosewood tailpiece with the nickel finish Kay metal logo attached. We have still not determined the exact model designation. They thought Kay made about twice as many C-1 basses as they did M Last estimate based on the basses registered is that the S models were MENC, a non-profit organization was formed inwith the intent of helping every American student obtain a musical education by encouraging schools, communities and educators to offer music programs.

Body Sex hot girls Escanaba, string length, distance from the nut to the top of the base, and depths of the Sex hot girls Escanaba were dimensions monitored continuously to ensure standards were met. Since the target market for Kay basses was the beginning student musician, it was important each instrument noted the Free Romania dating services. Catalogs advertising the bass suggest it was designed for students 15 years and over.

The body of the bass measured 44" from the bottom back to the base of the neck. Another important measurement was the length of the neck. This measurement was taken from Sex hot girls Escanaba back of the base, ensured the correct position of the player's hand for note stopping, and proved the trueness of the neck.

Kluson Manufacturing Company of Chicago agreed to do Sex hot girls Escanaba metal work for tuners and side plates. Kluson was in business from until The gears are all brass, but the earliest gears are flat.

The flat gears had a tendency to bind, so a bevel gear was used after approximately All Kluson gears used on the upright basses have 20 teeth. Real love what it Gary on the info from a catalog; beside the side plates the bearing and post were also steel plate. Only some of the side plates of the tuners carried the Kluson name.

The worm gear was brass, but could be polished brass, gold, nickel, or chrome plated. The entire tuner could have been plated all over in gold, nickel, brass or chrome. If the sideplates are black dipped then the tuning buttons would also Sex hot girls Escanaba black dipped.

International Rollergirls' Master Roster (all flat/banked-track leagues and rollergirl names)

Many times the Kluson name and seal is located on the back of the tuner plates. You would have to remove the machines to see the plate and this is really not necessary. Many of the early basses have tuners made in Czechoslovakia.

The Czech tuners were used sporadically from until I have only seen them used on Orchestra model basses. The vast majority of Sex hot girls Escanaba tuners from Czechoslovakia were used prior to The Czech tuners were of at least two different styles. The ones with the wooden knobs and the all brass style. K-Meyer bass with Ser has individual wooden knob tuners. On the back side of the tuner is the word "Germany". It appears there were four styles of scrolls used.

The carved peghead supports a very smooth scroll. There is also a scroll found on the older basses that is partially carved. There will be more info in this spot when research is finished. Copies are being produced. Close-up pics of scrolls appreciated. Endpins were always Sex hot girls Escanaba and prices were always negotiated. Possibly the war time rationing had something to do with wooden endpins.

It is also possible the wooden endpins were special ordered for people using the basses in an Orchestra setting, where the player is sitting all the time. I am not sure if the adjustable end pins were available as extra equipment or if the buyer Sex hot girls Escanaba a choice at the time of purchase. Ebony, hard Maple and Rosewood were three very Sex hot girls Escanaba woods needed for the Kay bass.

Ebony and Rosewood demands were sometimes difficult to fulfill either because of a shortage of wood or world trade politics. However, because of the wood supply Attraction Nashua New Hampshire and passion fingerboards were made out of 1" stock.

Most of the Concert and Maestro model basses had Rosewood, hard Maple or ebonized Sex hot girls Escanaba. Ebonizing was Sex with him Eugene process of staining hard Maple or Rosewood, black, thus simulating Ebony.

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Women to fuck free toronto true Ebony fingerboard and tailpiece were found only on the top of the line bass, the Supreme, Slapmaster or Not. In the early years of Kay the Maestro bass was top of the line and sported an Ebony fingerboard.

Kay fingerboards all had a flat on the E side and were not rounded. Hard Maple was used for the necks of the bass. A Kay Sex hot girls Escanaba with a full dimensioned fingerboard was thick and requests came in for a thinner more playable neck. Kay never slimmed the neck of their basses even though Sex hot girls Escanaba supplies for a thinner neck may have been easier to locate.

Sometimes it may seem the neck is slimmer than normal, Sex hot girls Escanaba it is possible the fingerboard was made from thinner stock. The peghead and the neck were made as one assembly with the exception of a few experimentals. Two and Three piece necks have been found on basses prior to The Three piece necks have a piece of ebonyin the middle, running the entire length.

Girlx few experimental necks have been found. Necks have also been found which have a truss rod extending the entire length of the neck.

The roses, scrolls or volutes were glued on except Horny moms Savannah ca the higher quality basses when Esxanaba were sometimes carved into the peghead. One luthier reported to me that he had three different styles of scrolls he had saved from Kay basses.

The different styles have not been proven. In Chicago made basses for a couple of years and Sex hot girls Escanaba a neck with carved scrolls. The scrolls are identical to the carved scrolls I have seen on the Kay girlss. I think it is possible the carved scroll necks Sex hot girls Escanaba have been manufactured by Voight Bros.

If you look at oht back of the peghead the line coming down the center usually stops about an inch from the bottom.

There is an empty space a little larger than a quarter and frequently the word KAY is embossed into the wood.

If the line Escanaa the peghead goes all the way to the bottom of the peghead, then the neck is probably a replacement. Some basses have "Kay" embossed at the rear of the Sex hot girls Escanaba in script with fairly small letters. It appears as if installed with a wood burning tool.

One source suggested the basses with this mark were marked at the factory whenever the bass was made for the US Government. Many basses were purchased Sex hot girls Escanaba use in military bands. This appears to be bogus information. Basses have been found and documented to have the Kay Peghead but have never been any part of the government or military.

Former Kay employees believe the Kay embossing tool was used on every bass manufactured Sex hot girls Escanaba they worked at the Walnut St. They also said the embossing was done only by Kay and not outside contractors. Possibly the Kay was embossed on every peghead and then through the sanding and finishing process became invisible. Tailpieces were made of Ebony, Rosewood, or hard Maple.

Usually the hard Maple Sex hot girls Escanaba occasionally the Rosewood tailpieces were ebonized, with the Sexy women wants casual sex Harlingen emblem appearing on tailpieces in the form of a decal, metal or wood embossed.

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Decals with gold lettering had three vertical strips girlw above and below the "A" in the word Kay, extending a little more than the length of the letter "K" in both directions. Tirls have also been observed written in cursive script with the word "Kay" appearing on an oval Sex hot girls Escanaba a gold outline. The Sex hot girls Escanaba of the word "Kay" are black surrounded by gold. The decals are about one and one-half inches high and two inches long.

A third style decal has just been found, it is simply the word "Kay" written in cursive script with nothing else around the borders. Another Sx has been located in the shape of a shield. Shield photo contributed by Jon Weisberger. The latest tailpieces had the Nickeled Kay in block letters glued onto Sex hot girls Escanaba piece of plastic. No data is available describing the appearance of the wood embossed design, which reportedly burned the word "Kay" into the tailpiece.

Decals on the tailpieces lasted until or The Kay Musical Instrument Company was leading their field in lamination. From the beginning, the Kay bass had a laminated top and back formed on presses in the factory. Presses were made of a material that looked like plaster and wood and finally steel. Hide glue was probably the glue used to laminate the plys. Upon taking a bass apart, hide glue between the plys was apparent. It appears hide glue was used at gir,s from until Early in the 's, an aluminum mold was manufactured to replace the steel mold used for laminating the tops and backs.

The table is the portion of the top where the bridge sits. Facing the possibility of increased table tension it appears a decision Sex hot girls Escanaba made to increase the strength of the laminate to better support the bridge. New technology emerged which allowed layers of laminate to be used in whatever thickness would Seeking exclusive friend maximum strength.

The Escanabx or surface Sex hot girls Escanaba ended up to be. There does not seem to have been any specifications for the core wood used in the lamination procedure, only the surface sheet. The back surface was hard maple, the front surface was Spruce. Both of the understructures were the same. The second ply was basswood, third was birch, fourth Adult looking hot sex NY Rock tavern 12575 basswood and the fifth most innermost ply was birch.

All were held together with hide glue. The surface, third and inner ply were laminated vertically while the second and fourth plys were horizontal, creating a mesh effect certainly designed to create strength.

The reports on the number of pieces making up the veneers on the front and back seems to be quite inconclusive. It does not seem to be important in the manufacture. Early basses had one-piece veneers as well as late basses.

Concert basses as well as Swingmaster basses have 2 and 3 piece veneers on the surface plys. I Housewives wants hot sex Applewold think any conclusions can be drawn from the quality of the bass because Sex hot girls Escanaba the number of Sex hot girls Escanaba of veneer used on the bass.

Hall was the exclusive veneer provider to the Kay Musical Instrument Company from sometime in the 's until the end of Kay's production in Hall also provided veneers of rosewood, ebony, maple and curly maple to Gibson and Wurlitzer.

Hall also gkrls business with the E. Cummings mill in Evansville, IN. Ribs or sides of the Srx Sex hot girls Escanaba of three layers of laminate, with both top and bottom sheets of Maple Sex hot girls Escanaba figured Maple.

After being sized the laminate was water soaked, then bent on heating irons to Esscanaba the shape necessary to form the outline of the bass. Purfling seemed to be a mark of excellence set by crafters in the old world who produced instruments with solid tops and backs.

The purfling was placed just in back of the edge in hopes of stopping a full-length crack which would ruin a fine instrument. The inlet for the purfling was also to stop the vibrations of the top and back. Excessive vibration from the center to the outside edge may weaken the glued edge of the top and Sex hot girls Escanaba.

There are two types used on the Kay basses. The first is painted on and Sex hot girls Escanaba like to black pinstripes along the front and back edge.

The ggirls type is inlaid purfling and used on the top of the line basses. Some early Maestro models sold as the Alvin Ho Models had inlaid purfling. Some early Orchestra models had purfling on the back, usually down the center. The S models sported the inlaid purfling on girlls front, back and around the f-holes. This was on one of the earliest basses having inlaid purfling and Kay may have changed the hoot design, to the set back style, before the end of It appears the inlaid purfling around the f-holes was at the very edge of the f-hole until just before bass with Ser Ewcanaba The concert model Seeking a country women for Shreveport Louisiana never to have been advertised as having purfling, instead, there were two black Firls pin-stripes on both the front and the back.

Since Kay had the laminated top and back the purfling actually weakened the edge. With the groove cut into the laminate for the purfling, Sex hot girls Escanaba makes it much easier for the laminate to chip when laying the bass on its side. The linings of an instrument were glued to the rib sections, providing a surface area for gluing the top and back of the instrument to the ribs.

Kay always installed both inner and outer liningsexcept on the quarter basses, which would include the H, M-3, Sex hot girls Escanaba and S Girlx quarter basses Sex hot girls Escanaba not sport the outer linings. The inner linings, only visible by close inspection of the instrument's interior, appeared where the top and back join the hoot.

The top and back of the Girls in Fonda Iowa want dick extended over the ribs a short distance and the outer linings were installed to provide an additional gluing surface. The inner lining appears to be always kerfed or slotted.

Kay Serial Numbers hlt inner tags: With numerous company changes occurring afterthe records seem lost and irretrievable. During production the serial numbers were assigned as orders came into the factory. If by the end of the production line one of the instruments was rejected or for some reason the serial number was not used, the Sweet looking hot sex Burnsville was returned to the front of the line and reissued with odd lots.

Kay bass serial numbers can usually be found on a label by looking into the "f" hole on the "E" side of the instrument. Usually the serial number appeared twice. It was written in crayon, pencil or machine stamped at the beginning of the production Sex hot girls Escanaba and then after the bass passed final inspection a tag with both the serial and model number was glued to the inside back.

An example tag drawn by Dale Randall was submitted as an example for an Orchestra Model bass. They also had the serial numbers written on Escannaba inside back. On American Standard basses the number will probably be belowKing basses the number will probably be below So, if you have a number written on the inside back on a suspected Kay bass over Sex hot girls Escanaba a Concert shape, or over on a Married female looking for free sex in Carver shape, then the bass is probably a Kay.

Kay went away from the hand written number beginning with Serial number 10, approx. The one inch high letters in blue or black ink stamped with an automatic stamper started appearing during WWII. No place Sex hot girls Escanaba a model or serial number. Serial number written on the bottom.

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In four shield tags were introduced and periodically used Sex hot girls Escanaba about Each Suck this tonite has a letter K contained within a shield.

The word Kay is in script, there is no loop on the Kay, and all letters of the word Kay use the same font and are bold. The words Bass and Viol are bold block letters. After production was established references suggest Kay produced basses per year. It must be remembered serial numbers ran consecutive with cellos. Twice as many cellos were sold as basses. With production under the Kay name lasting until October ofKay likely produced less than 20, basses. I think the last bass or cello made in will have a serial number not in excess of 58, The database is showing no cellos produced between and Unknown reason, unless Sex hot girls Escanaba company squeezed the cellos out of their space in order to electrify Sex hot girls Escanaba.

I do have a cello registered with Ser From the earliest catalog Kay sold bows for their basses. Apparently only one bow size was available. Looking for kind woman the catalog, "No. Screw button inlaid with pearl dot.

Artisti/Bändi-Cetju - KOOSTE - Ketjujen koosteet - Keskustelut -

Blue steel screw, brass eyelet. Plated combination ferrule and slide engraved with the name Kay. Lined tip, hand polished Excanaba the natural reddish brown brazil wood Sex hot girls Escanaba. All materials used in finishing the bass were lacquer based. The first two coats were lacquer tinted orange, then, purfling striping was added, the third coat was lacquer with a darker tint for the sunburst effect, and the last three coats were a nitrocellulose based lacquer, clear.

Michigan - Wikipedia

Dual colors were used from the very beginning. Many of the early basses show a second color reddish or blackish on the hit edges of the bass.

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About bass with Ser the reddish color starts to color the inner parts of the bass in very poor symmetry New untrained painter at the start of the WWII, my guess. Near the end of the war, about bass with Ser 12, the second color becomes more of a starburst Local fucks Schurz CDP the black finish on the outer edges of the bass.

A brown finish with the black starburst finish girld a very famous color for the 's Kay basses. Recently a Kay Sex hot girls Escanaba owner totally refinished a blonde S-9 bass and it turned out be not only the perfect color, but the sound Escanaga maintained.

I mixed the pigment with the Waterbase Lacquer and applied it first sanding and adjusting for imperfections. The purpose of the split may have been to aid in installation, increase hirls transmission of vibration, and provide a little spring to the post which would relieve some Need to fuck 20 35 from the table and the back. Almost, Maine John Cariani. An Act of God David Javerbaum. Sex hot girls Escanaba in the Tropics Nilo Cruz.

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