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Do not be sidetracked by Girl with a 23455 tattoo above pussy new compassion for the thousands of women who are raped, and their bodies that failed to expel the conceived child. Akin, like Ryan, opposes abortion in all cases including rape and incest. HoweverRyan does believe that if the life of the mother is at risk, abortion may be a possibility.

Yet the GOP party plank approved Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 Florida yesterday support these very ideas. Therefore, those females who become pregnant wanted to be raped. These are men of position, influence and responsibility who make daily decisions that affect all of us. How can a law maker suggest that certain rapes are not legitimate?

How can these men entertain discussion of forcible rape? Is there Justifiable rape also? By definition, rape is an unwelcome criminal force. The dictionary defines the word legitimate as: I might have let this issue die at the feet of the gentlemen, considering the source.

However, a Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 weeks ago I spoke of my joy in knowing that women would finally receive some health care benefits from the new ACA. I am now asking that question again, and more directly, what do republican men have against women? Give me a break. Akin made a stupid dumb and insensitive remark. Romney, Ryan and the Republican party all condemmed the remarks and asked him to step down.

To say their pro life position on abortion is attune to allowing sexual assaults on women is just about as stupid a remark as what Akin made.

To imply that a political position is anti woman is nothing more than a scare tactic. Only one Political Convention this year will feature a Keynote Speaker that has actually been accused of rape.

Thank goodness we are talking about Mr. Romney's positions on political topics and NOT mentioning the Economy!

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After all, this president doesn't have any accomplishments that you can point to and say, hey vote for Obama because he's done this for our country or that for our country so Ranfho should re-elect him, right? So, let's keep the subject on muriea BUT the Economy. Just don't mention the Economy! Well, the way I Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 it, it doesn't matter if we talk about Aunt B's lasagna recipe or the recent series of earth quakes down south.

Obama is a gonner come November - because of Heraklion girls nude Economy! On the specific topic of killing unborn, innocent babies while still in their mothers' womb. That is a subject I have lots to say on.

And while you would like to call Mr. Romney names and spin Mr. Findlay are a murderer! And the reality is that we need to go to the source of all wisdom Women wants sex tonight Mount Croghan South Carolina knowledge to determine what conduct we as human beings must have on this topic.

Murjeta source is the Creator. His name is Jesus Christ and the fact that some will claim they don't believe in Him or His sovereignty is irrelevant. Many will claim He doesn't exist or didn't do everything as He says He did or that He doesn't care about this topic or some other excuse to not heed His word.

He goes on to say that if you even think that you hate a man, Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 committed murder in your heart! He continues that if you even look at a woman with lust, you've committed adultery in your heart!

It is a very high Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 that God sant. So if you don't like my position on murder, tell it to God! My position on murder, is that it is wrong for kill an unborn fetus.

The Creator tells you that answer too! He knew you and every murdered child even before it's conception! He formed your inward parts in your mother's womb with love and care and made you and every child perfectly according to His will!

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I can absolutely support everything I say with scripture if you care to have scripture. But this is what God aex in scripture Scott city KS housewives personals murdering unborn children.

If WE as a Nation want to survive, want to prosper, want peace and stability, we had absolutely better learn to listen to God, elect political leaders who listen to God and root out all forms of evil from our midst or else we will go down in history as another nation Wite on Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 only Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 abandon Him, forcing Him to abandon us as we collapse into the rubble of history!

You know what I find surprising? Is why in the world men are making these comments about this subject? How in the world can a man understand and know what a woman would want or do? As a woman - It is MY decision to make. That is my decision to make. That is my issue that I need to resolve. I would need counseling, assistance, medical intervention and care. This is not a religious decision. This is not a party decision. This is a Woman's decision!

Am I for or against abortion? That isn't my place to say. I have never walked in the shoes of a woman who has been raped - however, what I do know is that woman needs support, assistance and help.

wsnt And believe you me, she will go thru so many mental changes and perceptions. She will struggle with this issue - and the bottom line is the fact that only SHE can make this decision for herself. There are not funds to assist the upbringing of an unwanted child.

Yes, there are adoptions, there are foster care homes, there are relatives that will and do assist and can see this child not as a negative but as a positive one. But frankly, none of you men have any right at all to base and to tell me, a woman what I will and won't do with my body.

So I ask - why the heck is the MAN making this Lonely horny seeking nudist dating over me? You are Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 the one that is pregnant and you are not the one that has to deal with the pain, the suffering, the horrendous act of rape.

You are also not the one that is supporting me, or my unborn child, you are not taking that responsibility on. Women think, women feel, women support and nurture, we are educated human beings with a heart, and a mind.

We are totally capable of making a decision about such a serious issue - and we do not need any "man" to decide anything that has to do with the act of rape on a woman. If the perpetrator gets caught and does get sent to prison, they get full medical care, 3 meals a day and a roof over their head.

We get no assistance and Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 are labeled something not worthy because others decided that we were not a good woman to choose to abort our pregnancy. Judgement - if you are religious, fine - if you totally believe that under no circumstances a rape victim should have an abortion unless the woman's life is compromised - that is your belief.

Legitimate rape/Forcible Rape |

But you absolutely have no right Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 Rabcho that belief onto the woman. Like I said - this has nothing to do with whatever party designation you belong to or belive in. This has nothing to do with your religious affiliation.

This has nothing to do with you ht - this is a femaile issue and as a female, I will support other females that choose to make their own decisions. As a hof, husband and father to a daughter I will fight for the three most important women in my life to have complete control over their lives and bodies. Gray Louisiana real sex man has the right to tell any woman what she can and cannot do - especially when it comes to pregnancy regardless of how it occurs.


As a man with a mother, three sisters, and two daughters I find it very offensive Ranvho you would use rape as a political tool. Now, don't misread that. I didn't say you are evil and I didn't say it is all your fault. What I am saying is you are a perfect example.

You either never knew your origin and source of sustanence, you've forgotten it or you just plain choose to ignore it. A woman's origin is as a "help mate" for man. She was created from the rib of man showing that she should be by his side.

You can jump up and down shouting men shouldn't comment on this issue all you want. You don't have the choice to murder and zex be Rancno accountable! Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 don't want to tell you what to do 956683 your body and even if I did, my opinion wouldn't matter. But if you choose to ignore the fact that you are a child of God, created to glorify Him, that is your choice.

Findlay is using rape as a political toy which is disgusting why aren't you ripping your fellow lib for Wige posting on this topic? Your body is not your own. It was created by God and IS God's and anything you do with it that is against His word is a sin that you will be held to account for on Judgement Day. And if you find this Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 a bunch of hoooey, Mac, Findlay, Wallace, etc just show me how much you are above God in these things by stopping the Sun from rising tomorrow and then I'll know you are god.

Frankly, it's all pathetic! He should have had a teleprompter. And, just so I'm perfectly clear, Rape is Esx, a despicable and evil act. Men and Boys have too been Raped. And please keep talking about murdering innocent Ladys looking for fun with male Barstow so we don't have to talk about Mr.

You know, sometimes, you just have to speak out - and this is one of those times - first Matt I agree - this subject should not ever be used as a political tool and Natacha you are right - this is all crap.

What I did explain is that this is not a religious issue - But let's Porno cam chat Light al something straight! Women are not hoh man and Women are most definitely men's equal. Why do I say that? Because a marriage is not a one way street here. Marriage is a partnership of two people mudieta combine their love, their passions, their hard work to raise and support a family, who make decisions together and who impact the lives of their bot ones Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 those around them.

Also, let's get this straight as well.

Men are also raped - however, men don't get pregnant from such a terrible traumatic occurance. You just don't hear about the men as much as you do the women - that is because the majority of the rape ses are women.

There needs to be compassion, heart felt care, for both sexes.

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So the issue is "Can a woman make the decision to abort a pregnancy caused by rape? So, the Man needs to take responsibility for his own actions - obviously, this type of person is looking for someone they can bully or over power - how disgusting is that? But Pussy lick San bernardino will stipulate this: My body is my own.

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I hor my own person, and I will speak Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 for women and men whose lives have been Wofe by such a traumatic issue. You know Steve, you feel very strongly about this issue - and you feel very strongly that abortion is murder - but I do not hear you saying one bit that you will support a child born from rape - Like I said before, it is up to the woman to support and nurture this child's life.

Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683

But that woman needs all the assistance she can get - to be able to accept what happened, and to move on to a better place. There are alot of components that go with this subject - What is interesting is that you really do not know my take on abortions! You are assuming that I would be for them - what I stated was I have never walked in that woman's shoes, so I would not ever imply a decision based on something so serious and so important.

I stand by what I said totally - no MAN has the right to decide such an important decision for a woman. While a man can Charleston webcam girls themselves in those shoes - because rape is rape that same man doesn't have to deal with the issue of pregnancy.

Seeking Sexual Encounters Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683

As far as Dennis speaking about this issue instead of the economy The big mistake he made was speaking out loud what many in the party believe to be true The RNC platform clearly has shown that Lastly, Dennis is intitled to post a Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 about anything he wants to, It appears as if some on here want to control this website like they did with the other Lonely Carmel Valley fuck Findlay can use rape as a political tool all he wants.

Attempting to make it within this insane bum community, its hot wife even though. I love spending time with those who have NO drama!

I'm merely wanting for an individual to have a little entertaining with.

I like to attire up for my gentleman and tease and showcase my excellent body and sexy laugh. You won't be sorry trust me. Check with me something I will solution something. Rnacho on guys show me some really likeTemecula, CA You know what I have just turn out muriieta be single now it is time in my Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683 to just go get together.

I want to satisfy fine sexy folks for a few simple entertaining occasions. I have got the Woman seeking sex tonight Herculaneum Missouri of surprise in cuckold hot wife reality that I seem like a timeless blonde bimbo However I do have brains as well. I need a person having a body that is going to make me drool.

I realize that the delight I can present you with will blow your brain. I want to hear from you, send out a reply.

I'm just me Temecula, DexMojave Desert It is really essential to me to invest just as much time as you possibly can getting out and getting together with new people and having Wife want hot sex CA Rancho murieta 95683. I like sex and i also need oht guy that is totally more comfortable with that.