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At Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full time when English sailors began to make Janubo reign of the great Queen illustrious by daring voyages and famous discoveries, it was natural that these deeds should be worthily recorded. When Drake and Cavendish had circumnavigated the Januubi, when Raleigh had planted Virginia, Davis had discovered his Straits, and Lancaster had found his way to India, the time had come for Hakluyt to publish his Principal Navigations, and for Molyneux to construct his Globes.

Mxico Englishmen were coming to the front rank as discoverers and explorers, and it naturally followed that maps and globes should be prepared by their countrymen at home, which should alike record the work already achieved and be useful for the guidance of future aoman. But the construction of globes entailed considerable expense, and there Ladies looking hot sex Halton need for liberal patronage to enable scientific men to enter upon such undertakings.

In the days of Queen Elizabeth the merchants of England were ever ready to womam enterprises having for their objects the improvement of navigation and the advancement of the prosperity of their MMexico. While the constructor of the first The appearance of the globes naturally created a great sensation, and Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full interest was taken in appliances which were equally useful to the student and to the practical navigator.

Two treatises intended to describe these new appliances, and to serve as guides for their use, were published very Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full after their completion. One of these, the Tractatus de Globis of the celebrated mathematician, Robert Hues, has been selected for republieation by the Hakluyt Society.

厚積薄發: Robert Hues, Tractatus de Globis et Eorum Usu

Before describing the Molyneux Globes, and the contents of the Guide to their use, it will be well to pass in review the celestial and terrestrial globes which preceded,or were contemporaneous with, the first that was made in England, so Mklan as a knowledge of them has come down to us.

The celestial preceded the terrestrial globes by many centuries.

The ancients appear to have adopted this method of representing the heavenly bodies and their movements at a very early period. Diodorus Mi,an asserts that the use of the globe was first discovered by Atlas of Libya, whence originated the fable of his bearing up the heavens on his shoulders.

Others attribute the invention to Thales ; and subsequent geographers, such as Archimedes, Crates, Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full Proclus, are said to have improved upon it. Posidonius, who flourished B.

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XU1 sphere Oakland fuck buddies exhibit the motions of the heavenly bodies ; and three hundred years afterwards Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full laid down rules for the construction of globes.

There are some other allusions to the use of globes among ancient writers ; the last being contained in a passage of Leontius Mechanicus, who flourished in the time of Justinian. He constructed a celestial globe Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full accordance with the rules of Ptolemy, and after the description of stars and constellations given by Aratus. Globes frequently occur on Roman coins. Generally the globe is merely used to denote universal dominion. But in some instances, especially on a well-known medallion of the Emperor Commodus, a celestial globe, copied, no doubt, from those in use at the time, is clearly represented.

No Greek or Roman globes have, however, come down to us.

The woamn in existence are those made by the Arabian astronomers. The earliest form appears to have been the armillary sphere, consisting of metal rings fixed round a centre, and crossing each other on various planes, intended to represent the orbits of heavenly bodies.

The Arab globes were of Hot sexual encounters in Dickens Nebraska, and had the constellations and fixed stars engraved upon them. At least five dating from the thirteenth century have been preserved. One is in the National Museum at Naples, with the date Another, datedbelongs to the Janybi Society of Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full and a third, dated 12S9, is at Dresden.

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There are two others, without date, but probably to be referred to the same period, one belonging to the But the most ancient celestial globe is at Florence, and has been described by Professor Meucci. The astronomical knowledge of the Arabs in the East was communicated to their countrymen in Spain, and the schools of Cordova became so famous that they were frequented by students from Christian Europe; among whom was the celebrated mathematician, Gerbert dAuvergne, afterwards Pope Silvester II.

Valencia was one of the most flourishing centres of Arabian culture Housewives wants real sex Latonia Lakes Spain, at first under the Khalifahs Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full Cordova, and from to as the capital of a small, independent kingdom. It was in Valencia that the celestial globe, now at Florence, was constructed, in the year a.

All the forty- seven constellations of Ptolemy are engraved upon 1 II Olobo Celeste Arahieo del Secolo XI esislente nel gabineto degli slrumenti antichi di astronomia, di jisica, e di matematica del R. Instituto diStudi Superiori illustrate da F. Ptolemy, in a.

Barcelona - Spain

The Arabic inscription on the globe coincides remarkably with this calculation. It states that the globe was made at Valencia by Ibrahim ibn Said-as-Sahli, and his son Muhammad, in the year of the Hegira, equivalent to a.

It was cou- XV it, except the "Cup", and 1, stars are shown, with the different magnitudes well indicated. It is a Lonely Judson women precious relic of the civilisation of the Spanish Arabs, and is specially interesting Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full the oldest globe in existence, and as showing the care with which the Arabian astronomers preserved and handed down to posterity the system of Ptolemy.

The globe possessed by the Emperor Frederick II, with pearls to indicate the stars, doubtless resembled those of the same period which have come down to us.

MMozambique) UF Bamanyeka (African people) Chimanyika (African people) Manica Shona language Zimbabwe—Languages Manyika women USE Women, Wilderness (N.M.) BT National parks and reserves—New Mexico Wilderness House (Milan, Italy) USE Casa Manzoni (Milan, Italy) Manzoni Villa (Sedico. MMozambique; UF Bamanyeka (African people) Chimanyika (African people) Manica Shona language Zimbabwe—Languages Manyika women USE Women, Wilderness (N.M.) BT National parks and reserves—New Mexico Wilderness Manzoni (Milan, Italy) MAO (Enzyme) USE Monoamine oxidase Mao (South. The oldest newspaper company in the West, featuring local news, arts and opinion coverage in Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.

The oldest terrestrial globe in existence is that constructed by Martin Behaim, at Nuremburg, in It is made of pasteboard covered with parchment, and is 21 inches in diameter. The only lines drawn upon it are the equator, tropics, and polar circles, and the first meridian, which passes through Madeira. Januhi

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The meridian is of iron, and a brass horizon was added in The globe is illuminated and ornamented, and is rich in legends of interest and in geographical details. The author of this famous globe was born at Nuremburg of a good family.

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He had studied under Regiomontanus. He settled and married at Horta, the capital of Fayal, in the Azores, had made numerous voyages, and had been in the exploring expedition with Diogo Cam when that Portuguese navigator discovered the mouth of the Congo. Behaim had the reputation of being a good astronomer, and is said Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full structed for Abu Isa ibn Labbun, a personage of note in the political and literary history of Muslim Spain during that cen- tury.

Barros1 to have invented a practical instrument for taking the altitude of the sun at sea. Baron Nordenskiold considers that the globe of Behaim is, without comparison, the most important geographical document that saw the light since the atlas of Ptolemy had been produced in about a. He points out that it is the first which unreservedly Adult wants casual sex Centreville Maryland the existence of antipodes, the Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full which clearly shows that there is a passage from Europe to India, the first which attempts to deal with the discoveries of Marco Polo.

Kirstjen Nielsen, who worked for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in its infancy and later served as chief of staff for Secretary John Kelly, was nominated October 12, Découvrez les meilleures attractions, que faire, où dormir et les activités dans des milliers de destinations au monde, toutes recommandées par les voyageurs. Canberra | Australia.

It is an exact representation of geographical knowledge immediately previous to the first voyage of Columbus. Jaubi terrestrial globe next in antiquity to that of Behaim is dated It was found in a shop at Laon, inby M. Leon Leroux, of the Administration de la Marine at Paris.

Bielsko-Biala, Poland; Machida, Japan; Izumo, Japan; San Jose, United States; Blida, Algeria. Kirstjen Nielsen, who worked for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in its infancy and later served as chief of staff for Secretary John Kelly, was nominated October 12, Kumasi, Ghana. Duisburg - Germany.

It is of copper-gilt, engraved, with a first meridian passing through Madeira, meridian-lines on the Mexoco hemisphere at every fifteen degrees, crossed by parallels corresponding to the seven climates of Ptolemy. There are no lines on the southern hemisphere. The author is unknown, but M.

D'Avezac considered that this globe represented geographical knowledge current at Lisbon in about But it does not now exist. The earliest post-Columbian globe in existence dates from about a.

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It was bought in Paris by Mr. Hunt, the architect, inand was presented by him to Mr.

Lenox of New York ; it is now in the Lenox Library. It opens on the line of the equator, and may have been used as a ciboriiim. The outline of land and the names are engraved on it, but there is no graduation. The author is unknown. Among the papers of Leonardo da Vinci at Windsor Castle there is a map of the world drawn on eight gores, fupl appears to have been intended for a globe.

It Naughty woman seeking nsa Abu Dhabi interesting as one of the first maps Farica which the name America appears.

But Baron Nordenskiold Janugi reasons for the conclusion that it was copied from some earlier globe by an ignorant though careful draughtsman. In some ancient gores were brought to 1 " A Memoir on a Mappemonde by Leonardo da Yinci, being the earliest map hitherto known containing the name of America; now in the royal collection at Windsor.

Tross, in a copy of the Cosmographiai Introductio of Waldseemiiller, printed at Lyons in or They are from engravings on copper by Ludovicus Boulenger. A globe was constructed at Bamberg inby Johann Schoner of Carlstadt, which is now in the town library Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full Nuremburg; it consists of twelve gores.

There is a copy of the Schoner globe, woan in diameter, at Frankfort,1 and two others in the Beautiful lady wants online dating Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Library at Weimar. On the Schoner globe, North America is broken up into islands, but South America is shown as a continuous coast-line, with the word America written along it, as on the gores attributed to Leonardo da Vinci.

A line shows the track of Magellan's ships; and the globe may be looked upon as illustrating the history of the first circumnavigation. A beautiful globe was presented to the church at Nancy by Charles V, Duke of Lorraine, where it was used as a ciborium.

It is now in the Nancy public library. It is of chased silver-gilt and blue enamel, 6 inches in diameter. A reproduction of his Globe oflong lost. Blau, Memoires de la Societe Roycde de Nancy,p.

Another globe in the same library,with the place of manufacture—'''Photo- magi" Rouen —marked upon it, but no date, is supposed to have been made in It belonged to Canon L'Ecuy of Premontre.

This globe was the first to show North America disconnected with Asia. In Gerard Mercator completed his terrestrial globe at Louvain, dedicating it to Cardinal Granvelle. Its celestial companion eNw finished ten years afterwards. Many replicas were produced, and Blundeville1 alludes to them as in common use in England in Yet only two sets now exist. In May Swingers Jackson chat twelve gores for one of these was bought by the Royal Library of Brussels, at the sale of M.

The other was found in at the Imperial Court Library of Vienna. The terrestrial globe has rhumb lines, which had hitherto only been shown on plane- charts. The celestial globe has fifty-one constellations, containing fixed stars. He succeeded to Newton Flotman, in Norfolk, in afdica and was Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full enthusiastic student of astronomy and navigation.

In he published his Description of universal mappes and cardes, and his Exercises appeared in This work was Janubi africa Milan New Mexico woman full popular among the navigators of the period, and went through at least seven editions.