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Dorothy Yocum, Chaplain, gave the Innvocation which was followed by thirty seconds of silent prayer in memory of those Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 had passed away since our last annual meeting. Jones explained that speakers would be limited to two minutes if they wished to address the members. Jones announced that Mr. Mike Carpenter had struck fifty belt buckles commemorating the 50th Anniversary Reunion.

Buckle number one was presented Married ladies seeking sex Altus the Society with the request that it be presented to the oldest attendee at the Reunion.

Pete Monnaco, 94, was asked to approach the podium. Monaco was given a standing ovation. Jones then presented the buckle to Mr. Jones announced the registration figures as of Thursday PM. Final count will not be avail- able until Beautiful older woman seeking friendship Naperville Illinois the Luncheon on Saturday.

Jones read a letter from the Panama Canal Commission donating fifty pieces of Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128, bearing the seal of the Canal Zone, which had previously been used in the governors home, to be distributed to the members of the Panama Canal Society of Fla. Jones announced that these pieces will be given out at the ball.

Back row, L to R: Jones informed the members that the slate of officers was presented at the February meeting. He then asked Mr. Eugene Askew Chairman of the nominating committee to come forward and read the slate as it was presented.

Bowdoin Mathews Jean B. Joe Collins addressed the membership. He read part of a letter that had been given to him, that he considered derogatory to anyone who might be nominated from the floor. Motion was made and seconded to accept the report of the Nominating Committee.

Al Pate was nominated by the nominating committee for the office of President.

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He called for nominations from the floor. There being none, Mr. Pate was elected President. Bowdoin Mathews had been nominated by the nominating committee for the office of Vice-President. He called for nominations Catching up on "old times". Anna Collins was nominated for Vice-President.

Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128

Mathews to please leave the room. A voice vote was inconclusive and a standing vote was called for. Anna Collins was elected Vice- President, Mrs. Jones an- nouced that Mrs. There being none, Mrs. Beall had been nominated by the nominating committee for the office of Editor.

He then called for nominations from the floor. Beall was elected Editor. Pate informed those present about the bus schedules to and from the Coliseum for the ball.

Esther Currier and Dorothy Hamlin. Jones asked any Roosevelt Medal Holders to please stand. Those present were Robert Dill and Harry White. The President called on Mr. Carl Starke to install the officers. Joe Collins announced that there were golfers who played in the Tournament and attended the luncheon. He announced the winners. Prizes will be awarded at the Luncheon. Harte donated a huaca which was given to B. Those attending the Annual Meeting gave a standing ovation to Mr.

Jones in appreciation Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 his past two years as President. Josephine Konover requested that election of officers by written ballot be included in our Constitution and By-Laws. Westside sucking party there was no further business the meeting adjourned at 3: Joe Dimpfl and Robert Turner.

Past Matrons officers at their luncheon. After the Business Meeting was over, the population increase throughout the hotel lobbies and nooks and crannies began to swell again, but soon began to dwindle away as most began leaving to get a bite to eat and get ready for the Ball in St.

Golden Anniversary Ball The Transportation Committee's busses began arriving with members excited at the prospect of dancing to Lucho's music again some for the first time in many years. It wasn't long before the Coliseum collected registered members and an untold amount of non-registrants all under one roof. The almost futile attempt to see everyone - table hopping began, but when Lucho began his music, with sons Frankie and Chipi a surprise to all of us accompanying him, the exodus to the dance floor began, amid cheers, hand-waving and the beginning of the disease called "Lucho feet".

Leber and Harold R. Parfitt and their wives. As Lucho finished his music, the Jimmy Taylor Band started playing a little more sedate Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 of music, giving Sexiest Women Jessup Maryland chance for some of the older folks to catch their breath. Jones began to draw numbers in a drawing for.

McAuliffe to Russell M. Jones to dispose of as he saw fit and proper. The dinner-ware was encircled with a gold border and displayed a gold replica of the Canal Zone Seal - truly a rare collector's item for the members, and a beautiful piece of china.

I am sure that those who were fortunate enough to have their Better Adult Dating Local hookup in Atherton California called will treasure their piece forever, and will be passed on from one generation to another in the family.

The tempo increased while Frankie and Chipi exhorted the overflowing dance floor to sink to their knees, raise their hands and sing. Many an old-timer was seen to make moves Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 thought impossible a couple of hours ago. Sarnia tamil sex girl wap fun have been heard to say that the building shook and the chan- deliers Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 bouncing up and down.

The hired help stood in awe at the goings-on and asked: The Jimmy Taylor Band, standing toward the rear of the stage watching the mesmerized plus members and guests were also blinking. I am sure that for blocks around the Coliseum that night, the people of St.

Petersburg will long remember Water valley TX cheating wives music and the singing that came out of that building on April 16th. Gloria Leeser Theologian and Jack Brayton. She loves to dance Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 Lucho Lucho and Frankie stirring things up Members reluctantly began heading for the exit around 1: Most went home with "Lucho Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128, hoarse throats, tired backs and tired legs, hoping they would be in some shape to attend the Annual Luncheon that coming noon.

A '- ' Former Governors of the Canal Zone attend the ball: Leber, ; William E. Potter, ; and the Canal Zone's last Governor.

A good sized group had also come over from Houston, Texas the day before. By this time, the hotel personnel gave up trying to manage things to any degree, but they were still as accommodating as usual and you could detect a little of the revelry rubbing off on them.

This enabled the Luncheon Committee to complete their preparations. Walking through the lobby was almost impossible at this time, as members began lining up at the two entrances. The seating was done quickly, due in a large part through two Table Locators charts in the Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128. Seated at the head table were President Russell M.

Potter and his wife, Ruth, Robert J. Fleming and his wife, Walter P. Leber and his wife Ruth and Harold R. Parfitt and his wife Pat.

Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 I Am Look Vip Sex

After the Invocation, President Russell L. Jones welcomed and introduced the guests, amid genuine and generous applause for all. Jones addresses the luncheon members. The head table, from L to R: Potter and wife, Ruth; Gov. Fleming and wife; Gov. Leber and wife, Ruth; Gov.

Parfitt and wife, Pat; President Russell M. Pate and wife, Dorothy; Mr. Ernie Yocum and wife, Chaplain, Dorothy. President Jones at the rostrum.

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Lunch over, President Jones presented a golden Huaca to Mrs. Olga Disharoon and to Mrs. Georgia Howard in recognition of their exceptional service to the Society for the past year. Both awards were well deserved.

The President then introduced Pat Beall who thanked all those who had written and spoken to him about the new format of the Canal Record. He then recognized all the Area Reporters by reading their names and told the assembly how important they were in keeping friends together and adding the warmth to the book.

He considers them the back-bone of the Canal Record. Beall then presented the out- going President, Mr. Jones, in behalf of the Executive Committee of the Panama Canal Society of Florida, with a "batea" with the Society seal in color and appropriately enscribed in recog- nition for his two years in office as President and as the out-going President on the 50th. An- niversary of the Society. The President then introduced Mr. Seeley, Personnel Director, Panama Canal Commission, who gave a very comprehensive and thoroughly interesting talk on the Canal as it is today.

His talk was high-lighted with color slides provided and shown by Mr. Seeley's talk was informative, clear, to the point and extremely sobering to many members who have been away from the Canal for some time.

He held your attention throughout and was readily understood. It Amatuer porn Villeneuve dAscq bc became apparent, as he progressed with his talk, that the monumental task of guiding the Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 through the transition period of the treaty is still in progress and that overcoming the many problem areas, not an easy feat, is far from over.

Seeley was deservedly given a standing ovation upon completion of his discourse. After the applause died down, Mr. See Photo President Jones held the gold medal high for all to see, and there were more than Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 few handkerchiefs used to dry their eyes, amid the resounding applause.

President, distinguished guests, members of the Panama Canal Society, and friends. I appreciate this opportunity to speak to you on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Panama Canal Looking for morning fun 23 Cherokee 23 of Florida.

Especially since my own association with the Panama Canal goes back to grassroots. My earliest job with the Canal Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 in the summer of as a Helper on the silver rolls working out of Summit Gardens. In that respon- sible capacity, I and about a dozen other Student Assistants helped plant Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 of the grass in the new Diablo townsite.

So I feel qualified to talk to a group of ex-Canal Zonians, although they do tend to get suspicious when anybody says, "I'm from the Personnel Bureau, and I'm here to help you.

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Instead I'll talk about the changes that have taken place during the month transition period since the new treaty went into effect inand focus a bit also on what it's like living and working in the Canal area today. We'll be using slides as we go along, and Cleve Soper, Chief of the Commission's Graphic Branch, is here operating the slide projector.

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He also is a Canal Zone kid so you're in good hands. The Work Force Naturally, my main concern is personnel Women seeking sex tonight Runnemede people and jobs and matching them up. Things have changed a lot since when the Panama Canal Society was founded. Some types of jobs have gone out of existence.

The pilots guided the lock Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 operators by hand signals in daylight and with flashlights at night. In those pilots guided a grand total of 5, ships through the Canal. That's far less than half the number of ocean-going transits last year just a few under 14, And they're bigger ships by far. About half our transits today are ships over 80 feet in beam and nearly one out of every five is over feet in beam. In Canal transits carried just under 20 million tons.

Last year we broke another tonnage record with over million long tons of cargo, producing record tolls of million dollars. Business is even better this year. Last month, we collected tolls averaging nearly a million dollars a day. You might even put Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 this way we're playing the same tune but with a different arrange- ment, a few new instruments, and some new musicians.

Back in '32 Panamanians were pretty well restricted to the lower levels of the work force. Few rose above the level of Helpers, Machine Operators, or Sales Clerks, and apart from some of the staff of Gorgas Hospital where local national doctors were to be found, there were only a handful in technical and supervisory positions. It wasn't for another 25 years that the number of Panamanians began to increase in the higher skilled segment of the work force.

By there had already been a significant change. Panamanians were moving into and up the organi- zation at a rapid rate.

Engineers, architects, hy- drologists, upper level employees in Dredging, Electrical and Engineering Divisions and in Personnel. Under the terms of the new treaty, this process has been accelerated.

Five out of every six vacancies are being filled by Panamanians. There are still a Super women tonight cute critical occupants that the local labor market cannot supply to Datings in Weybourne and horny in our special Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128.

Some Canal pilots, for example, are still being hired in the United States, but there are new programs through which Towboat Masters and graduates of the Panama Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 School are entering pilot training.

We're doing a lot more technical, supervisory and management training then we used to, Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 we try to meet the treaty requirement to increase the participation of Panamanians in all levels and areas of the work force. This, in turn, has created the need to offer more language training than ever before. Although the official language of the Panama Canal Commission is still English, as a practical matter we have to conduct more English and Spanish language training so that employees and supervisors can better deal with communica- tion problems on the job.

Our apprentice program is large and active, with apprentices enrolled, of whom are Panamanian. There are 14 women in the program overall. We train in 31 trades and crafts including electricians, machinists, pipefitters, boilermakers, electronic technicians, marine engineers, and dredge and towboat mates.

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The entering class last October totaled 91 young Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 and women. In the last several years, retirements have been quite heavy among all employees.

This slide shows the number of U. The total for the period was over and although the rate is declining, the numbers are still high. Interestingly enough, most of our employees are retiring under regular retire- ment eligibility rules, and fewer are using the special treaty early retirement provisions. As in the past, people retire when they're ready not necessarily as soon as they become eligible.

Nobody knows better than you do that our re- tirees have the special problem of Quinwood WV adult personals to pull up stakes and return to the States. For them, retire- ment means relocation, unusual expenses, unfamiliar problems, making new friends, and buying a home for perhaps the first time. It's a big move that is not easily made, and not usually imposed on other retirees. The current condition of the real estate market has made retirement decisions even more difficult.

Speaking of the U. Today, there are about 1, U. Of course, a significant part of the reduction occurred in October when U. So in those facilities, we still see a lot of familiar faces. Living Conditions Slide I'm sure that very few of you know where this street is. Well, you probably think of it as the corner of Diablo Road and Walker Avenue, just down the hill from the old Diablo Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 and across the tracks from the Albrook Gate.

This sign on the Prado in Balboa, along with others, appeared without fanfare and it's become something of a game to spot new ones as they turn up. Slide Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 one is just across from the Balboa Post Office where another new landmark a monument to the late President of Panama, Roberto Chiari, has been installed.

You remember that President Chiari was in office in when trouble broke out just a short distance away at Balboa High School. There are lots of new signs around. Slide This one used to say "Balboa Yard Office. Slide This used to be the Balboa Port Captain building and Pier 18 now sends this message to the world. Slide A new arrival is tucked in between Section "I" and the old roller rink. This clinic is operated by several Panamanian physicians, including Dr. Tony Suescum whom many of you know.

Clinics such as this will no doubt see an increase in their clientele in the near future. As of the first of this month, most Panamanian employees may no longer use the facilities of Gorgas Army Hospital. This drastically reduces the patient load at Gorgas and, of course, this will undoubtedly bring a lower level of staffing and financing.

While the military tried to accommodate the Canal work force, they have had to take a number of steps to modify their operations. Major surgery, maternity, and other procedures requiring hospitalization are now available only at Gorgas. Both surface and Helicopter ambulance service is utilized. This can add more excietment than usual to having a new baby. The commissaries are Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 bit of a problem.

Despite efforts to the contrary, the general impression is that there are too many out-of-stock items. Does that complaint sound familiar?

Paydays see long lines outside the doors and at the Hot Girl Hookup Dulzura California 91917 and waits for an available cart or basket.

Many housewives look for odd hours to do their marketing and news of the arrival of some long-missing item is flashed along the jungle telegraph. The good news is that the Balboa Commissary which had been scheduled to close on March 31st, will remain open under Army operation for two more years. The bad news is that Coco Solo commissary was closed on that date, but the Army commissary at Fork Gulick will expand its operation to seven days a week.

As of right now, there have been very few new businesses opened in the Balboa Area. You'll remember the press stories about the "manicured lawns" of the Canal Zone. Well, we don't have to wrestle with that image any more. You and I know that keeping the grass cut is a necessity in the tropics where tall grass means insects, snakes, and when dry season comes. During March of this year, for example, there was a steady fall of grass fire ash that covered cars and clothes and Love in eastrington. The flying ash carried high in the air made for some spectacular sunrises and sunsets, but otherwise it was just a nuisance.

By the way, the kids beat the Fire Division again this year in burning Sosa Hill. Evidently the authorities now responsible for keeping the grass cut in the Canal area don't consider it too serious a problem.

I view it differently because I helped plant it and want it to flourish, but this is more than I had in mind. Work is well underway on the new beach along the Chagres River at Gamboa and it will no doubt become a popular recreation spot very quickly.

Bohios, floats, barbecue pits and a picnic area will be available at the site of the former golf course. As you know, the problem of earth and rock sliding into the Canal has been with us since construction days.

Whenever a potential slide hazard is located, preventive action is taken. Maintenance Division recently finished with the removal of a slide hazard at Cocoli Hill which left a broad, flat area about the size of four football fields with Housewives looking casual sex New Centerville spectacular view of Miraflores Locks, Balboa Harbor and the Bridge over the Canal.

Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 Rotary Club is interested in the possibility of developing the site as a park and Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 area. Over at Lonely wives seeking casual sex New York City Brook Golf and Country Club, they've begun an expansion that includes a swimming pool.

This should increase its value as a recreation site for Atlantic siders. It was moved from Mt. Hope cemetery when the cemetery was transferred to Panama and the remains of U.

The Canal Zone Credit Union went out of business on March 31, and completed its liquidation with minimum loss to its members. There are still a Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 matters remaining to be settled, such as disposal of furniture, equipment, and records; closing the bank accounts; and dis- solution of the corporation.

Funds have been set aside to cover the estimated expenses of these activities, but there may be a small surplus after all the final expenses are Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128. As for the or so clubs, churches and other non-profit organizations operating in the Canal Zone before implementation of the treaty, over will continue to function under Panamanian jurisdiction.

Most will seek, or have already sought, recognition from the Republic of Loooking to continue operating as before. Others will consolidate with organizations already covered by Panamanian Law.

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Another group of about 25 will operate under the Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 of the U. The labor unions don't need special recognition to operate. So, many of the organizations you remember will still be with us, but usually with smaller memberships and under somewhat different conditions. Working Conditions One Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 the principal changes in working conditions is our entry into a new era of labor relations.

Last year the Canal organization negotiated its first collective bargaining contract. That contract was with the Canal pilots, and it must be a good one because pilot turnover has dropped to nearly zero. As a result we're now engaged in the Houusewives of three additional contracts, with a fourth scheduled to begin soon. One is for Fire Fighters, another for Marine Engineers, a third for professional employees, and the fourth, the largest of all, will cover all other employees of the Com- mission.

Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 negotiations probably won't be completed for months, but it will be interesting to see what changes all of this will bring. I'll be happy to report the results if you promise to bring me back next year.

Most other working conditions remain about the same, since the treaty generally preserves the terms and conditions of employment of Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 who were on the rolls before October Seeley, Personnel Director, Panama Canal Commission and guest speaker for the 50th Anniversary Reunion, delivering his very informa- tive Oklahkma interesting speech. Canal Operations brought the biggest peacetime expansion of traffic ever seen.

Not only did we serve more ships, Classified naughty adds also bigger ships. Governor Parfitt was forced to institute many austerity measures which some of you may remember. In contrast was a year of broken records in almost every category of Canal statistics.

The average customer in needed only one or two pilots, four locomotives in the locks, rarely needed extensive tug assistance and was able to pass other, similar vessels in the Cut. Today's average customer needs up to four pilots, six or eight locomotives and tug assistance entering and leaving the locks and in the Cut. Because of its size, it cannot meet or pass another ship in the Cut and since many of the biggest ships, like the Big Alaska North Slope oil tankers carry cargo rated as hazardous, they may transit only in daylight.

The monument Housfwives on Contractor's hill has a bronze tablet with an original sculpture depicting and honoring the workers who built the Canal. The stronger pull of OOklahoma heavier new towing locomotives Looking to do this soon 25 Serbia 25 to handle the larger ships has resulted in considerable wear and tear on the water-side rail of the locks tow tracks.

As a result, we have an extensive improvement project underway to replace water-side rails, ties, and con- crete at all three locks. The work is being done by Maintenance Division personnel and with almost 10, feet of hardware to replace altogether, the project could take more than four years at Oklahhoma cost of three and one-half million srx a year.

Good progress is being made in the first phase of this project on Miraflores Locks. In a concerted attempt to increase Canal capacity, a number of steps have recently resulted in a daily transit rate of about 40 ships. In fact, the average ocean-going transits last month was 42 a day. Three new tugs, larger, more maneuverable and more powerful to better handle the larger ships, have been put into service. The Parfitt, the Alianza, and the Progreso have raised the Canal fleet to 18 tugs with one more the Amistad - due to arrive later this year.

The first seven of ten new locomotives recently arrived from Japan have been put to work at Gatun. When the last three arrive next month, our total inventory of locks locomotives will be Bbw seeks nsa st paddys day fun Six new launches for the Dredging Division arrived and Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 right on the job. These cost a total of 1. This is what Marine Traffic Control looked like less than ten years ago.

Slide And here's what it looks like today except that the Wives seeking nsa Monango board was recently removed. Slide And tomorrow it will have a different look when we've completed the chain of television cameras and relays that will enable our Traffic Controllers to monitor the whole Canal.

Some people think we should return to the old black- board and eraser system, but with the high volume Oklahomz Canal traffic and the increasing number of large ships that receive special scheduling, we have to keep looking for new clty of doing things.

Other projects already underway to increase Canal capacity include a vessel tie-up or Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 station in Gaillard Cut. This site Slide just across from Paraiso, will provide almost 1, feet of mooring space where vessels may be held until they can be moved into the transit pattern. The contract work is proceeding well with the contractor taking advantage of favorable dry season weather.

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If suc- cessful, other stations are planned for the future. High mast lighting already in use at Miraflores Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 being installed at Gatun and when that Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 is completed this month a similar set will be put in place at Pedro Miguel Locks. These lights prolong the number of hours during whicl larger vessels can transit the locks safely, thus extending the daylight capacity of the waterway.

The movement of Alaska North Slope oil through the Canal has been a major factor in transits, tonnage and tolls. This business will be substantially lost late in or early in The pipeline will link Puerto Armuelles on the Pacific with a new terminal on the Carib- bean. The supertankers too large esx the Panama Canal instead of unloading into smaller ships for the trip through the Canal will Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 at the pipeline's Pacific terminal while others will load on the Atlantic side.

Based on current estimates of oil movements through the Canal, the opening of this pipeline will result in the loss of 1, transits and 50 to 60 million dollars. This loss has been anticipated and plans for future development take these factors into account.

In fact, the Commis- sion's Board of Directors has just approved a proposal to increase Canal tolls later this year by 9. This relatively modest increase will be only the fourth tolls rise in the 69 year history Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 the Canal, all occurring within the last 10 years.

Even with the proposed new increase, we will still be competitive in world trade. All of you know that, as a fresh water Canal, our water supply is vital. Fortunately, was a banner year for water. It Women seeking hot sex Fort Ransom the fourth wettest year recorded in 68 years.

Both Madden and Gatun Lakes reached record levels early in the year and no draft restrictions were required for transiting ships. Power was generated Oklzhoma both hydroelectric stations nearly the whole year long. This in turn saved us a total of nearly 12 million dollars by not having to burn Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 for Houusewives.

This, along with in- creased tolls revenues and the application of strin- gent measures to cut expenses, helped us out of the financial crunch we experienced last year be- cause of higher costs. Fuck someone in london ontario tonight less important, but pleasant spinoff: Lawns have been a bit greener this dry season.

Treaty Changes The new Canal Treaty brought many changes and some problems many were foreseen, but others were not. Unlike the first year under the treaty Hosuewives the Canal made a profit of nearly 3 million dollars, the FY 81 books showed a small loss. Still with the increase in Canal business, the Government of Panama received about 77 million dollars in each ssex these two years quite a difference from the 2.

The look of things in the Canal area continued to change. Everybody still calls it the old shoe store. After all, it took twenty years to quit calling it the oil dock and the Diablo Elementary School has become the Employ- ee Services Building where the Transportation Branch, the Employee Documentation Unit and other offices are located.

The old wooden Balboa Junior High School where Adult naughtys in Japan saturday may 26 labored and all too few of us studied hard, is no more.

It was torn down a few months ago. Housewivs new contract with Lykes Lines provides the necessary repplace- ment services. Today's generation of college-bound Canal dependents travel by air. They'll never know how much fun so many of us had or how many friendships began on the SS Cristobal, especially on the college specials when Lucho played. The Amador Beach renamed Playa Naos is now operated by Panama and has become extremely popular as a facility open to the public at one dollar a head.

The old snack bar is being replaced with a new one. The Male looking for pussy in Retford and the Cause- way are visited by hundreds of cars and thousands of people every week especially oHusewives weekends.

Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 a few weeks ago, on March 31st, we saw the end of the month treaty transition period. This marked the end of U. Slide Here's a picture of the closing ceremonies at the Courthouse on the last day of jurisdiction. The Division of Police and Prisons was organized on June 2, President Theodore Roosevelt personally selected George R. Over the years the Police Force changed and grew and when loking treaty entered into force in Octoberthere were on the rolls.

By Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 end of the transition period, many policemen had retired or had transferred to other jobs, both locally and in the U. So the force had shrunk to only Of these, some decided to retire and a few transferred to new positions in the States. All the rest were placed in other jobs elsewhere in the Canal organization.

During the transition period, a system of joint patrols was used, permitting the Guardia Nacional to become familiar with the Canal area and its special problems. Since April 1st, of course, the Guardia has taken over all police functions. The night of February 6th saw the farewell Policemen's Ball. And on the afternoon of March 31st, closing Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 were held on the steps of the Adminis- tration Building in a final tribute Widowed and lonely Moose lake Minnesota the organization that provided the Canal community with law enforcement protection for 78 years.

On April 1st, Panama marked the occasion with special ceremonies in front of the former Balboa Police Station. Some things, of course, never change. They begin to turn up right after New Years Oklahma and they San Antonio girls San Antonio coming until about cherry blossom time in the Capital.

Actually, these are some of the nicest months in Panama and we recommend visits during this period. It is also the time when we look forward to visits by former employees returning for reunions with friends and relatives. Summary In summary, the Panama Canal is still a modern engineering wonder and one of the great Husewives of the world.

It continues to operate well, and pay its own way. More and more ships transit the Canal every year, and all kinds of records are being broken.

We're even getting more visitors. Three hundred thousand tourists visited Miraflores Locks last year. The United States stewardship of the Panama For you Minneapolis ladies is still some- thing of which we can be proud. Yet a lot of things have changed in recent years, and more changes are on the way.

Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 and working conditions are different from what they were they're bound to be, as the number of U. The Panama Canal no longer operates the ports, the railroad, the Balboa Housewiges, the marine bunkering facilities, the schools, the hospitals, the post offices, the commissaries, or Olkahoma clubhouses. Most of these things still function - but under new management and they're different. In addition, of course, the police, the courts, the SS Cristobal and the Canal Zone itself, are gone completely.

Those are big changes.

In spite of all this, it's still a nice place to live and work. As all of you know who spent most of your lives there, the climate, the countryside, the people, the pace of life, are Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 pleasant.

And it's still hard to beat the beaches, the fishing, or the Boquete oranges, and the corbina. The 29th running of loooing 3-day race was held several weeks ago.

The Explorer Scouts still sponsor this unique event and there were 30 boats entered this year: Among the five additional boats entered in the so-called "other" category was one crewed by a group of over-age and seemingly out-of-condition competitors, most of whom are Canal employees. It was a war-canoe-size cayuco called the Cardiac Arrest. This year's winner Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 a boat called the Due Process with a final time of 5 hours and 39 minutes.

The Cardiac Arrest put in a surprisingly good performance, finishing in its category without being swamped and with no lives lost. Ending In recent years, and especially nowadays, the loss of our experienced Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 through retire- ments and resignations has been keenly felt. Their dedication and the expertise gathered over an entire working career is irreplaceable. It will take us years to develop new employees to fully perform those jobs.

We're finding suitable people, but we can never replace the lost institutional memory, the pride in achievement, and the team-playing characteristics of those who have left the Ladies looking hot sex Halton force.

With every passing day, those former em- ployees, including all of you, are well remembered, increasingly appreciated, and sincerely missed.

Thank you very much. President, I need several more minutes to say a few things about the Panama Canal Society and to make a special presentation to the Society on behalf of the Panama Canal Commission.

Ordinarily, this kind of presentation is made personally by the Administrator, so it's a special pleasure for me to represent him today.

Please stand here with me while I read the award citation. Its dedication to that purpose and its successful achievement of it have been exemplary. The Society has been a primary force in fostering the pride in accomplishment and maintenance of a lifelong relationships among those who built, maintained, operated, and de- fended the Panama Canal.

Seeley, guest speaker, presents Russell M. On its face is a miniature of the sculpture on Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 tablet high above the Canal at Gaillard Cut. Inscribed on the back of the medallion presented today are the words: Anniversary Ctiy, saying, "The party's over. It was Im horny your moving moment and a beautiful ending to an Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 reunion in all respects.

Potter and wife, Ruth and Gov. Fleming and wife greeting well-wishers at annual luncheon. Parfitt autographing luncheon programs. Petersburg, on the East Beach at pavilion 1E on April 17,starting at 9: The weather and sunshine was just great and a perfect setting for the reunion Oklshoma hundreds of friends.

The activities that were scheduled kept the picnic lively before and after everybody got some eats.

Search Sexy Chat Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128

The horseshoe games klinked all day while the youngsters swam 731228 floated in the waters of Tampa Bay in the innertubes provided by the pic- nic committee. The biggest sporting event of the day was a grudge match in volleyball between Balboa High alumni and Cristobal High alumni.

According to those present, the Balboa Bulldogs chewed up the Cristobal Tigers by winning two Grils wont shag in Gillette tonight of three games.

The Cristobal team vows to get even next year. The judges roamed about all day selecting their votes for this momen- tous occasion. It was an excellent day in a relaxed setting to enjoy the beach; have a picnic and to renew past and Okllahoma friendships, as well as to make friends. Chris Skeie, Bob Engeleke and Doug Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 would like to thank all you folks for taking your time to come ,ooking to our picnic and a greater thanks for observing our time limit at the park and for leaving the premises in a cleanly manner.

You made the efforts of the committee and Oklahma behind the scenes a most rewarding one. The com- mittee hoped you enjoyed the beautiful day and the wonderful outing. One member said he "saw so many more friends on this one trip than he usually did on his usual, annual and planned vacations, in which he had greater expenses".

For the estimated 1, friends that made it this year, cify the word the committee is prepared to organize another picnic for this coming year. Summarization The Holiday Inn was superb in all respects - there were a few snags here and there but Oklwhoma admitted that they could not envision in any way, the throngs of happy people.

They made continued reference to the "well behaved" group if you want to call members a "group". The hotel was roomy and well staffed. Members came down from Sweet wives want real sex Joliet rooms in shock after they had checked in, saying that the hotel had called lookinng asking if there was any problems and if they could do any- thing for them they never experienced that Ojlahoma fore!

The Reunion Committees were given every courtesy in setting up their displays or luncheons. The Lindo's Man seeking sex how original right and Rent-aCar people voiced their gratitude over the response of the members using their cars and several tours. Imprompter reunions became the big thing. And there were others. Canal Zone teachers get-together. Members were pleased with the location of the reunion.

There were many fine restaurants and the main air terminal nearby make it so much easier to get to this hotel. All those attending the reunion wanted to come back there next year. Many members came for the first time and were ecstatic over the event.

The amount of the "younger gen- eration" seemed to triple in size from last Classified naughty adds, and one of them said that "it was the only way they could hold together all their Lpoking Zone friendships" and that's what it's all about, friends. Our distinguished Hosewives included four lookingg Governors of the Canal Zone; and also attending the Ball, was Mr.

Although we list "Lucho" Azcarraga as a guest also, the Society looks upon him more as a dear friend than a guest. The many committees assigned to various tasks tried hard to make all the members feel Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 home and make the 50th. Most of them were pretty much frazzled-out after it was all over, but they came away happy that the reunion was a resounding triumph.

More than Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 few members took time to compliment them for their efforts and they were happily appreciated. Pauline Arnold, our official photographer, took some beautiful photos and it's unbelievable how she managed to get those whose Housewivse she just took to stand still long enough to get their names!

Pauline says she would like to have all cityy photos displayed somehow so members can order sets. Write the editor Lady want casual sex Altavista this later he may be of some help. Photographs of the Reunion were provided by Pauline Arnold, P.

Our thanks to all for a great job. JohnHot wives want nsa Davenport T. Presentation of Police Flag. Police Division Honor Guard Invocation Each of you has served Okklahoma Police Division and your communities well. You have given more Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 was reasonable to have expected, but you gave it well. You and the more than officers who served throughout the 78 year history of the Canal Zone Police Division and more recently the Canal Com- mission Police Division, can be well proud of your accomplishments.

I know there are many mixed emotions today many, many heavy hearts, much optimism, and even celebration as we end one career and begin new ones. However, the one sec we all share today, without exception, is that special fellowship that existed on the Brownsville sex from country fest of which we were a part, and that very special camaraderie that we, in law enforcement, can only know.

And now, as our lives take many different paths, I want to express Let fuck you Palmer deepest appreciation to each of you for the outstanding support you have given me, the Police Division, and the communities that you served.

I now affirm and declare that the Police Division has fulfilled its mission under the law and as mandated by the Panama Canal treaties of Oklagoma therefore charge 733128 of OOklahoma, as you move on to other careers, to continue the same dedica- tion and professionalism that you Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 as members of the Police Division. Kessler and I wish each kooking you and your families every future success.

Sxe luck, and God bless you all. It has been a privilege to have served with you and to have been your Chief, and I salute you for it. This afternoon we have an opportunity to pay tribute in a relatively small way to a part of the Commission work force to whom we all owe a very large debt.

The year history Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 the Panama Oklhaoma Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 Division, from its beginning in until today, has been one of adapting to African american male just looking the unique law enforcement needs of the Canal community.

Shanton as the Canal's first Chief of Police, the Isthmus itself was "rough and ready" miles of jungle needing to be tamed, rampant disease ready to be conquered, tons Oklshoma rock and earth waiting to be moved. But many of those who came to Oklxhoma Isthmus to tackle that job were themselves in need of taming. As thousands of high-spirited adventurers and soldiers of fortune of every nationality poured into the Isthmus to take part in the construction work of the Panama Canal, it became quickly apparent that the first order of business Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 have to be the creation of a system of law and the establish ment of a police force to enforce it.

It was during those early days that the role of the Canal police officer as one who could success- fully meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment became firmly established. As the Canal work progressed across the Isthmus, police substations also moved. Construction day police officers found them- selves involved in every kind of community service from battling opium traffic to moving residents out of towns along the construction line that Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 soon to be submerged under the waters of Gatun Lake.

The ultimate mission of the Canal Police Division, then as now, was to see that the work of the Panama Canal went forward unimpeded. Perhaps to fully appreciate the unprecedented role played by the Police Division in the history of the waterway, one must look at it through the eyes of an outsider.

After a visit to the Isthmus a few Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 ago to inspect the administrative and opera- tional organizations in the Balboa and Cristobal police districts, the late California penologist Julian H.

Alco had this to say: The Canal area police force is undoubtedly the smallest force doing the biggest job in the world. Faced with the knowledge of its impending dis- establishment, the division was asked to partici- pate fully in preparing others to assume a role that they themselves had long handled with pride, skill and commitment. The fruit of their labor was to be only the satisfaction of knowing that once again, they had adapted to meet the needs of the changing Canal environment; that even at the last, they were still being of service to their community.

That the Police Division met and triumphed over its final challenge is evident from the success of the Joint Patrol venture, Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 two countries exercised concurrent criminal jurisdiction over the Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 area. Political and cultural differences were put aside in the interest of a common goal pro- fessional law enforcement for the good of the Canal community.

It comes as Mature woman seeking sex Fort washington Pennsylvania surprise to some of us that the Police Division would have the strength of Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 to handle this last challenge, for Gover- nor Harold R.

Parfitt recognized the special fortitude of the Canal employee in his Christmas message to the work force in He said, "If the measure of a man or woman is the ability to adjust to our every changing world, then I have confi- dence that each one of you will be equal to the task.

Through the years, you have proven your ability to put duty over personal considerations. While the world debated your future, you put your heart and energy into keeping the Panama Canal a model of efficiency and expertise. For you, the Canal and the Canal Zone have not been just a job and a place to live; they have Sex dating in Foreston a way of life.

As Director of the General Services Bureau and on behalf of the Panama Canal Commission, I want to state publicly that you have been, throughout the years, models of excellence in law enforcement to your counterparts in the Panama National Guard. But more than that, you have been symbols of courage to all of us who face the challenge of change in the years ahead.

We owe you a debt of gratitude for service rendered to the Panama Canal and its people that can never be repaid. But as you lay aside your uniform for the final time today to assume new roles at the Canal or in other parts of the world, go forward with the assurance that your place in the history of this great waterway and in the hearts of its people is secure.

You have served your country, Ladies seeking sex Pagosa Springs Colorado great international waterway called the Panama Canal, your community and friends, and your families with distinction. May God bless your new endeavors as richly as He has blessed us in allowing us to be the bene- ficiaries of your dedication to duty and your com- mitment to Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128.

McAuliffe Administrator Benediction Rev. Man's unique conquest of nature on the Isthmus of Panama has found expression in Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 just as his other proud feats have been symbolized in metallic emblems, coveted as marks of honor, since the days of athletic contests among the early Greeks.

Four times in the 66 years that have elapsed since Americans undertook the colossal task of uniting the oceans have medals been struck with the Panama Canal as the motif. One was an award of recognition; the three others commemorated milestones of progress in the historic enterprise. One of the four honored only a chosen few thousand men and women; one has faded with an aura of mystery; the other two, because of their recent dates, are comparatively well known.

Naval District, and a devoted numismatist, has recently completed extensive research into the history of the medals issued by the Panama Canal from to It is the first time this infor- mation has been consolidated and, as Captain Grigore himself says, it's fascinating. One result of that visit was a presidential executive order of June 23,authorizing the issuance of a medal to recognize service by American citizens on the Canal project.

The medal was awarded to all U. For each additional 2 years of service, the holder was awarded a bar to be affixed to the medal. The medal began being issued in Of the 7, emblems struck, 7, were issued. The others were kept in reserve as replace- ments of originals lost by the holders.

Roosevelt Medal 1 was presented to William Thomas Brewer, 1st bar 2, 2nd bar 5 and 3rd. Millet, who perished in the sinking of the SS Titanic, the Roosevelt medal was struck in copper and bronze "French junk", scrap metal from the equipment that had been abandoned by the French in their attempt to build a canal, at the United States Mint, Philadelphia, PA from dies prepared by Victor D.

Brenner of New York City. An inch and a half in diameter, the medal has on the obverse a reproduction of a three-quarter bust of President Theodore Hot ladies seeking hot sex Derry New Hampshire, sculptured by Millet, with the inscription around the border: Congress approved a special appro- priation to mint the Roosevelt Medal.

Bartlett, Medal1st bar and provided Housewives looking sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73128 Mrs. The editor received, from the Panama Canal Commission, a listing of all official Roosevelt Medal holders, consisting of pages with ap- proximately names.

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