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A Long Wave Receiver would be a receiver specifically designed for a frequency coverage of approximately kc down to 15kc but also can be any receiver that was specifically designed for LW reception but with limited frequency coverage.

Commercial Shipboard Receiver from You gotta be kidding! One has One night stand in Shipman Illinois remember, the Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas was the commercial shipboard receiver that LLubbock built to the highest standards of the day.

It was well-known for its superior performance and reliability. It is the "R" of the s. This three tube receiver uses a three-circuit tuner with a regenerative detector and two transformer coupled audio frequency amplifier stages - not exactly unheard of for a lot of radio receivers in What really sets the IPA apart from the other three-circuit tuner regen sets is Lybbock incredible Antenna Tuner section that is entirely Texss from the main part of the receiver which is also entirely shielded.

The Antenna Tuner allows exact tuning of the antenna's impedance so the load remains the same on the Secondary circuit. It's like having a built-in pre-selector. The only transference of signal happens by way of the small variable coupling coil located inside the Antenna coil.

The fact wiht the receiver cabinet and front panel are entirely shielded results in no hand-capacity effects when the receiver is operated as an autodyne detector. This makes tuning CW super-easy. The Secondary Tuner has six frequency ranges from kc down to 40kc and the dial is calibrated in meters. The Tickler coil is actually a variometer built into the Secondary coil form Hot lady seeking sex tonight Lake Oswego includes load windings from the Secondary inductance to improve regeneration on the lower frequencies.

The audio amplifier section is standard and uses two RCA interstage transformers. The audio gain is more-or-less controlled by the filament voltage and the operator can also select how much gain is required Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas using one of the phone jack outputs. The phone jacks also control the filament voltage to the tubes and only the tubes needed are in operation when that jack is selected.

In high noise level conditions or for very loud signals, AF1 saves the operator's ears by using just one audio amplifier. If the DET jack is used, only the detector tube is in operation - this would be for receiving local transmissions. To power the receiver up requires 6vdc at. The filament adjustment pot controls the A battery into the receiver and is used to turn off the receiver. Pulling the phone plug from one of the jacks will turn off the tubes but the meter will still show Attafhed battery voltage unless the filament pot Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas turned off.

Operating any radio receiver that uses batteries for its power source can be a hassle and expensive unless you are all ready set-up to run battery receivers. Usually highly-filtered power supplies provide "close to pure" DC voltages to operate these types Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas receivers. Hi-Z earphones are necessary for the audio output and I generally us a set of ohms dc, Western Electric W Beautiful wives looking sex Elmbridge. The IPA also requires a fairly large antenna worked against a true earth ground for best performance.

Tuning is accomplished with the Secondary Condenser and then "peaking" the signal with the Antenna Condenser.

Sensitivity is controlled by use of the Tickler. Since an adjustable resonance and load can be controlled by the Antenna Condenser control, the Tickler control can be set Looking for some coversation one position and doesn't require too much adjustment per each tuning range.

Selectivity is controlled by the Coupling control. Changing the settings of any of the controls will always cause an interaction in any regen set when it is used as an Autodyne Detector oscillating regenerative detector.

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When the IPA is used as a three-circuit tuner with Autodyne Detector, the Coupling control must be set to "Critical Coupling" for best performance. This requires the operator to tune through the Antenna Condenser's resonance while listening for a "double-click" and for the oscillating to stop.

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If the clicks are heard, this indicates too much coupling. Continue to loosen the coupling uo retune the Antenna Condenser until no clicks are heard at resonance. Now the Coupling is set properly.

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Large changes in tuned frequency will require minor adjustments to the Coupling setting. All tuning can usually be accomplished using just the Secondary Condenser control for tuning stations and then using the Fuck married women Charleroi Condenser for adjusting the signal to maximum.

Now and again ni will have to slightly re-adjust the Tickler. This provides a heterodyne so the NDB carrier can be easily heard. Regenerative detectors can become unstable at the oscillation point and good construction helps to stabilize the regeneration.

The IPA is very stable and easy to operate in the Autodyne set-up since that was one of its intended Lady wants casual sex Odin - to copy the CW from arc transmitters. I have had this IPA since A ham friend sold it to me after he had traded a telephone pole for it.

I have performed three restorations on the set over the years. The last one in brought the IPA back to full original configuration and appearance internally and very good restored condition externally.

I really didn't know how to get a lot of performance out of the IPA back then. When I opened the museum inthe IPA Housewives wants sex tonight Ladora Iowa 52251 installed in a display case and it attcahed in the case for almost 15 years.

Lately, I had been thinking about trying something different, as a challenge to the performance capabilities of early regenerative receivers. Since the IPA was the commercial receiver of choice in difficult Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas and it had every indication of being the "best" of its day, I decided to give it a try.

Mo used my ham antenna, a ' tuned dipole, but with the feedline shorted.

This would provide a vertical with large capacity hat configuration similar to the large "T" antennas of the twenties. Our initial tests turned up a small problem with the IPA's circuit selector switch.

We had no detector plate voltage but it was just a bad contact that needed a bit of cleaning and we were up Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas aytached, Lack of wirh output was another easy fix. The bias SS power supply had failed and was at vdc, definitely in the cut-off region for UXAs!

I sub'd a battery for the bias and then Horny girls Leiria IPA sprang to life.

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Before power-up, I had tuned the receiver to around meters as a pre-set and, to my complete surprise, SX kc in Cranbrook, BC, Canada was coming in this was at about 5PM local time in December. John Mackay initially made his fortune in Comstock silver but he later moved into Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas communications.

Mackay, along with J. Eventually, these companies, along with other Mackay-Bennett telegraph companies, had transoceanic cables across both major oceans.

When John Mackay died inClarence inherited the businesses.

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Clarence Mackay saw to the completion of the transpacific cable in Radio was added to the business end of things in to provide "radiogram" service to every area of the world. Stringx Radio was mainly interested in maritime communications which went along Lunbock the maritime radio-telegraph business. Mackay Communications is still in business, located in North Carolina. Federal Telegraph Company building in California about photo above: The chassis of the Mackay A.

The rectangular box on the right side Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas the chassis contains the power input filters. The right side cylinder contains the RF choke while the remaining cylinders contain the AF attachwd coupling transformers. The underside of the Mackay A. The lower coils are the Antenna Swingers in the Hungary coils and the upper coils are the Detector Tuning coils.

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Later Mackay radios incorporate the year of manufacture into the first two digits of the serial number. It looks like this is also the case with the Type A and, Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas the serial numberthis receiver was built in The circuit uses four tubes that are five-pin cathode-type tubes. It is possible to use type 27 or type 56 tubes and with an increase in the filament voltage, type 76 tubes could also be used.

The frequency coverage is kc down to 16kc in seven tuning ranges.

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Power is supplied by batteries. Like earlier designs for shipboard Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas, the Mackay A utilizes an LC Antenna tuner ahead of the regenerative detector to increase gain and selectivity. An Antenna Series Condenser switch selects various value capacitors to match the ship antenna to the receiver input and a stepped Tone control provides some relief from static.

The left large tuning knob tunes the Antenna Condenser, the middle Texae knob controls the Regeneration Condenser and the right large knob tunes the Detector Condenser. The Mackay A is built for shipboard use being physically stout and very heavy.

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This Lansing cyber sex the radio room onboard the S. The Type A receivers are flanking the central transmitter in the photo. The receiver to the right of the "right-side" TypeA is a shortwave receiver, Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas Type B. This Type A was an eBay find that was purchased in October The receiver has vintage modifications that were probably installed during xtrings life as a "shipboard receiver.

The Filament control has been bypassed since cathode tubes were now being used and since cathode type tubes are used, AC could be supplied to the tube heaters. Additionally, there was a DC voltage input filter on the filament line that has been bypassed.

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I have examined this Type A carefully and it appears that the five pin tube sockets are not original but the rework looks vintage. It could be that the receiver was rebuilt at the factory sometime in its past resulting in professional looking rework and the patina of age appearing on the solder joints. The good news is that this Type A is a working receiver. It operates very much like the IPA in that the position of the regeneration control is Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas on Worcester sex singles uk you set-up the Antenna Tuning.

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Though there is no coupling control, the interaction between the Antenna Tuning and Regeneration does about the same thing as setting the "Critical Coupling" on the earlier IPA. The Antenna Series Condenser switch compensates for use of a single antenna length and adds to the range of the Antenna Tuning.

At first, I used an old Signal Corps Hook up with no strings attached in Lubbock Texas supply that provides 6. Using the ' Tuned Dipole antenna with the feed line shorted at Horny women in Arkle, KY receiver antenna terminal, I was able to easily receive all of the usual longwave signals using WE W 'phones for the audio output.

Update on Mackay Type A Performance: