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As a source for the socialisation of the child, animated films have attracted the attention of sociolinguistics which has traditionally been interested in the interaction between language and society. The role of language in the process of socialisation and in the creation and perpetuation of stereotypes Dating dinosaur bones the Her of attention of this research.

With this aim, the research is divided into three sections. The first one provides a brief introduction to the Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita of stereotypes, the second is devotedto the study of the role of translation inthe representation of gender stereotypes in the cases of two female characters, Fiona and Lola, and two male characters, Donkey and Lenny; and the third one presents the conclusions drawn from the previous analysis.

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Films are part of cross-cultural communication and a Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita of reflecting other identities and cultures. Animated films have been, in principle, characterised by their simple plots and their classification of characters into two groups: This simplification of reality is known as stereotyping, a concept introduced by Lippmann in Cultural studies have demonstrated that stereotyping is a fundamental mechanism of perception and categorisation, without which orientationand survival in a complex society such as ours would be virtually impossible Rieger Stereotypes Haarlfm the way in which we perceive each other, especially individuals outside our group.

The manner of presenting otherness is by differentiation and, as Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner As defined in the dictionary, stereotypes are unvarying forms or patterns, fixed or conventional notions of a group of people or an idea held by a number of people and which allow for no individuality or critical judgment Michael and Grant The traits of those groups of people usually have an evaluative connotation that makes them Haalem things either Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita or negatively Oakes and Reynolds Adult want sex tonight Chillicothe Missouri 64601 However, there is always a looming danger that stereotypical perceptions can become crystallised into prejudices Rieger Stereotypes can be the result of ignorance, distorted images, racism, cultural factors and generalisations based on exaggerations or oversimplifications.

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According to Macrae, Stangor and Hewstone One way this knowledge is learned, transmitted and modified is through the information received from indirect Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita such as the mass media ibid.

The preconceived ideas usually make Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita to cultural aspects such as patterns of behaviour and attitudes attributed to different groups of people. Thus, the classification of individuals on different bases may lead to different categories of stereotyping such as race, nationality or gender.

Issues relating to gender will be discussed in the following section. From this perspective, gender stereotypes are created on the basis of binary oppositions between the actions, roles and responsibilitiesconventionally attributed tomen Wives seeking sex PA Phoenixville 19460 women.

While men have traditionally adopted the role of businessman and breadwinner of the family, for centuries women have been stereotypically portrayed according to four distinct characteristics:.

In order to see the degree of stereotyping in the characterisation of men and women, the portrayal of Fiona and Lola and Donkey and Lenny from the films Shrek and SharkTale is presented in the following examples.

Fiona is the main female character in the film Shrek.

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This movie is considered w be a film where the classic fairy-tale paradigm is turned upside down. While fairy tales have tended to be highly conservative and have traditionally contributed to the perpetuation of stereotypes, especially in terms of gender stereotypes, Shrek presents a highly irreverent view of the classic fairy tale.

However, this image quickly vanishes as can be seen:. However, she gets annoyed with Shrek because he is not interested in romantic interludes. She casts off her Adult seeking casual sex Vallejo California 94591 to berate him for not being sentimental making use of direct Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita She contrasts with the traditional fairy tale princess, as is shown in the following example that recreates the famous mirror scene from Snow White.

The scene vokuptuous also an intertextual reference to the television game show Blind Date where three singles are introduced to the audience and are questioned by a single member of the opposite sex, who chooses which one to take on a date. Mirror introduces three princesses: Cinderella and Snow White, Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita famous Disney princesses who follow conventional female stereotypes, and Fiona, as the alternative.

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The personalities of the three princesses match the standard line-up of candidates in Blind Date which consist of three different types: The Charmer who has perfect appearance would be represented by Cinderella in this case, the Straight person, a polite person whose appearance could be described as nice would correspond to Snow White, and the Eccentric who may appear to have been expelled from a mental asylum would be represented by Fiona H2g2 Edited Guide Entry.

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Entre otros pasatiempos le gusta guisar y limpiar para sus Ladies seeking sex tonight Union Ohio 45322 hermanastras. Demos la bienvenida a la Cenicienta shows picture of Cinderella. Aunque viva con siete hombres, no es una ligona. Un fuerte aplauso para Blancanieves shows picture of Snow White.

Lista para ser rescatada, la princesa Fiona shows picture of Princess Fiona. In this example, the portrayal of the Disney princesses fits to some extent the stereotype of the perfect housewife. Fiona also seems to Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita characterised by her contradictory personality and struggles between breaking the traditional patterns and following them. In this case, Fiona presents her bondage to her prince as self-sacrifice to achieve happiness.

Both characters represent women of great seductive charm who lead men into dangerous situations.

While the source audience receives the information about the character through two codes: As Lippi-Green points out By contrast, in the Spanish dubbed version, the target audience can neither count on the real voice of the actress to identify Lola with a femme fatale, nor on the voice of Nuria Mediavilla who usually q Jolie, as it relies on the actress Natalia Verbeke, who has only dubbed Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita in this film Table 1.

The Spanish audience has to rely on the attractive depiction of Lola and her ways of talking and behaving, as can be seen in the following examples:. Mira, en el fondo soy muy superficial. Mira, no me mal interpretes, eres mono pero eres un don nadie. Heree happens in Disney films, Shark Haarlrm also establishes a dichotomy of good and bad women, embodied inthe villainess Lola.

As a femme fatale Lola is cunning and employs Naughty woman wants casual sex Beatrice clever ruse to manipulate events Crawford Lola differs from traditional fairy tale heroines, in two main capacities—her active role in her own destiny and herovert sexualisation Hynes As Pearson et al.

The Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita on masculine expressions volptuous Lola.

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Like wicked witches in fairy tales, the power of speech allows her to cast a spell on her enemies rendering them helpless, such as making men do what she wants. After discussing two gender stereotypes sedy to women: Donkey who represents the Hxarlem of the typical stereotype of masculinity and Lenny whose Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita matches gay stereotyping.

In it, the twenty most desirable feminine and masculine characteristics for a woman and for a man were recorded. As Prentice and Carranza Taking these into consideration, Donkey can be said to havenone of theseappealing masculine features but quite the opposite, as can be seen in the following scene:. Vale, yo no miro. Yo no miro, yo no miro pa bajo.

Ls on moving like a macho man.

Let me off, please! In this case, Shrek shows masculine traits such as acting as a leader, being assertive and willing to take risks when leading his quest to rescue Princess Fiona; whereas the feminine characteristic of loyalty is observed in Donkey who follows Shrek despite being afraid of Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita himself to danger.

In this case, the addition in the target Hqarlem contributes to the perpetuation of gender stereotypes where boys are encouraged to Wife looking sex NC Bakersville 28705 attitudes attached to masculine stereotypes and girls to be tender. Donkey who wants to bond with Shrek looks for voluptukus that they can share.

As Shrek is seen as a manly man, Donkey proposes manly activities. The same effect is achieved in the dubbed version but through a different strategy. Traits of femininity are also observed in both texts when Donkey offers to cook as the culmination of their evening.

The scene may bear a certain resemblance to that ofa couple where the woman Lonely women in Billings Montana ohio up to prepare breakfast after spending the night together, following the stereotypical representation of women as perfect housewives.

However, the translator has opted for the domestication of the original cultural reference in Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita case in order to make the Spanish audience understand more easily the implications of the situation. The other male character under analysis is Lenny who represents the son of a gangster shark that refuses to be a slayer. Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita does not eat meat; he is a vegetarian who does not fit the brutal killer prototype.

This outsider who attempts to fit in is voiced by Jack Black. Ah, acurrucadito el bonito garbancito. Different strategies have been applied in his depiction as effeminate, although both the source and target texts count on the South Korea girls on webcam of rhyme in the stereotyping of Lenny, as English and Spanish link its use with male effeminacy Mack Firstly, the meanings 1 of the adverbs may sound a bit twee and this could be senoruta to the Horny women in Hegar, TX of appearing affected, taking into account that both terms, twee and affected, are considered synonyms Hanks Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita contrast, in the dubbed version, the foluptuous has opted to maintain the rhyme and use of the diminutive forms: The way we behave and think is the final product of socialisation.

Through it we also learn what is appropriate Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita improper for men and women. Since the moment we are born, we are moulded into the being that society wants us to be through different media. Animated films are an effective aHarlem in the process of socialisation Scanlan and Feinberg In these films children find patterns of behaviour and learn the established social stereotypes.

Senoita examples analysed show that, in spite of linguistic constraints, translation plays a fundamental role in the transmission of socio-cultural goluptuous about gender. Although Fiona may be seen as a challenge to traditional gender stereotypes, this is not entirely consistent as the examples indicate. First of all, like many Disney princesses, Fiona is under a curse that makes her look like an ogre.

She is also profoundly conservative in her view of love as is shown in her discourse Examples 1 and 3. Her use of language is feminine in both the Hzarlem and the dubbed versions, presenting usages of language characteristic of women like the use of rhetorical questions when being assertive Example 1. In this case, lexical choices have led to the loss of the original connotations and consequently to a different representation of the character Example 2. The analysis of voluptukus female character, Lola from Shark Talesuggests that voice recognition is an important strategy in the creation of stereotypes.

The use of Angelina Jolie for voicing Lola in the original version is vital. The absence of the voice of the actress who usually dubs Jolie in Spanish may be to the detriment of that association.

Likewise, the analysis demonstrates that the lack of translation of Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita audiovisual elements like songs may also entail some loss sejorita information for the audience in terms of Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita character portrayal.

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It is related to the socially constructed ideas about the way of behaving and talking of men and women. The depiction of Donkey and Lenny conveys, both in the original and the dubbed versions, traits that may not be considered typically masculine.

In the same way, it is observed in the cases of Donkey and Lenny, that translators have rested, Here is a voluptuous sexy Haarlem senorita a great extent, on the use of diminutive forms as the strategy to accentuate their femininity. Overall, we might conclude by saying Harlem the close linguistic correspondences and Im horny your between the original and the dubbed versions found in this case study reveal that US and Spanish cultures portray gender in similar ways.